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Whole House Generators in Fenton, MI

Power outages are a very real concern in this part of the country. From heavy snows and ice storms in the winter to the high winds and heavy rains of the warmer stormy season, there are a lot of conditions throughout the year that could conspire to know out your power. That is before even taking into account the potential problems that could stem from the utility. What's a homeowner to do? Reading this means that you've already got a pretty good idea.

You should hire a professional contractor to outfit your home with a whole-house generator. Using a whole-house generator in Fenton, MI means that you can keep your whole house up and running in the event of a power outage, rather than just the few appliances that you could plug directly into a portable generator. These systems must be professional installed and serviced, and we recommend letting the pros here at First Choice Heating & Cooling handle that. We make your home happy!

Your guys were very friendly and knowledgeable. If I had a question, they would have an answer or find the answer for us. - Edward L. Reynolds, Byron

I have been very happy with my new furnace and air conditioner. I haven't had ANY problems. Thanks! Everyone is very friendly and I trust you. - Andrea Reinfelder, Swartz Creek

Whether it's new equipment or yearly maintenance, you're professional, on time & give excellent response time. - Dave & Karen Clement, Flint

Why Choose a Whole–House Generator?

As mentioned above, a whole–house generator is a far more comprehensive solution to a power outage than a portable generator would be. With a portable generator, you can only plug a few appliances into the generator in order to keep them running. A house generator may operate on the same basic principles, but it has a much greater potential for energy output.

With a whole–house generator, the system is wired right into the electrical system in your home. When you fire up the generator in the event of an outage, assuming the generator is appropriately sized and properly installed, it will provide the system with enough energy to keep the whole house up and running. That means that you don’t’ have to pick and choose which systems or appliances you continue to use.

Fueling Your Whole–House Generator

There are a few different options when it comes to the way in which you fuel your generator. Generally speaking, natural gas is pretty hard to argue with. There’s no risk of running out of fuel, nor do you have to worry about your fuel’s shelf life. That being said, natural gas obviously is not available everywhere. Diesel is probably the most readily available alternative, and it is also the least flammable fuel source.

The problem is that diesel itself may not be available when power goes out, plus you have to rely on fuel deliveries and take shelf life into account. There is also propane to consider, which has a very long shelf life. It can be stored in tanks of different sizes on the property. It is also highly pressurized and flammable, though, so keep that in mind when choosing to store it on your property.

We Install and Service House Generators

The installation of a whole–house generator is a serious undertaking. You need to know that the system is properly sized for your home, that it is integrated into your electrical system correctly, and that it is burning fuel safely and efficiently. Those are not guarantees that just anyone can make.

When First Choice Heating & Cooling installs, maintains, and, when necessary, repairs, you can count on that system being there for you when you need it most. You should also test run your generator as recommend by its manufacturer, and familiarize yourself with the error codes that it may display following an unsuccessful self–test. We are happy to help you better understand how to use your generator successfully.