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Automatic Standby Generators
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Automatic Standby Generators in Fenton, MI

Choosing a whole-house generator for use in keeping your home up and running during a potentially prolonged power outage is not the type of decision that you can rush into. One suggestion that we often give homeowners looking into whole-house generators for the first time is to consider an automatic standby generator. With an automatic standby generator in Fenton, MI, your comfort, convenience, and even your safety is better protected than ever before. We make your home happy!

There are many fine whole-house generators on the market today. What sets automatic standby generators apart? Well, chiefly the fact that they start up on their own when their service is required! At First Choice Heating & Cooling, our focus is never on aggressive sales tactics intended to line our pockets, but rather on ensuring that our valued clients have everything they need to make their house a comfortable home. To that end, the security provided by a standby generator is tough to beat.

Great feeling to have someone I can count on for service. Gives a senior citizen peace of mind. - Violet Thompson, Fenton

I am extremely impressed with your company. From my first phone call, to the departure of your technician, I have been very pleased. - Bettima Robinson, Mt. Morris

We are confident that your work is safe and of the best quality. We also feel that you are an honest company and we get the best for our money. - Herod Jackson, Flint

How Does It Work?

A whole–house generator is a much, much different beast than a portable generator. Portable generators are great for camping trips or tailgating when you need a little juice to keep the party going. They can also be helpful when the power goes out in a pinch. They are extremely limited when it comes to what they can power and how many items can actually be plugged into them, though.

An automatic standby generator, on the other hand, is sized specifically for your home and the careful calculations of how much energy you are going to need to keep your home up and running. Unlike a standard house generator, an automatic standby generator also has an automatic transfer switch. The generator and switch are installed into your home’s existing wiring.

When the power goes down, the system senses this itself. It then utilizes the automatic transfer switch to move the chosen appliances, systems, and circuits over to the backup power source. When the power from the utility comes back on, your automatic standby generator automatically makes the switch back to the primary power. This all happens in a matter of seconds.

Who Should Use an Automatic Standby Generator?

Ideally, any home that is prone to power outages in its area should be protected with an automatic standby generator. A house generator is sufficient for many homeowners, but going the extra mile and enabling the generator to start up on its own when needed is hard logic to argue with. This is particular true in certain scenarios, like the following.

  • Your home is fairly remote, and a neighbor can’t fire up your generator for you if you’re out of town.
  • You travel frequently, and don’t want to come back to frozen pipes and spoiled food in the fridge because no systems or appliances were kept running.
  • There are members of the household dependent upon medical equipment requiring power to run.

Whether for the sake of convenience, safety, or just peace of mind, we strongly recommend that you consider the use of an automatic standby generator on your property. We are happy to install your system, replace an old one, and to repair and maintain your system as necessary to keep it functioning as reliably as possible. That way, it will be there for you when you need it most.