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Air Duct Sealing
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Air Duct Sealing in Fenton, MI

The majority of homes use central heating and cooling for comfort, and that means they have ductwork running through the walls and ceilings. These ducts can develop air leaks for a number of reasons, causing a drop in the efficiency and effectiveness of the AC and furnace. The leaks can even affect indoor air quality.

The answer to damaged air ducts is to arrange for HVAC professionals to seal up the leaks. This restores the integrity of the ductwork and solves numerous problems. First Choice Heating & Cooling offers superb air duct sealing in Fenton, MI and the surrounding areas. “If your home had a voice, it would call First Choice!” Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians. 

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How Leaks Develop in Ducts

You can’t see most of the ducts in your house, making it easy to assume they’re always in good condition and nothing can damage them. Duct leaks, however, are a common occurrence. Many ducts receive a hasty installation during home construction, and this makes them susceptible to leaking because of higher air pressure and generally shoddy work. Humidity often creates corrosion inside ducts and leads to leaks, and pest and vermin infestations in an attic are a major problem for ducts.

Fortunately, damaged air ducts will create warning signs. You may not be able to observe your ducts directly, but you can notice symptoms of air leaks:

  • A drop in the airflow from the vents.
  • Musty, moldy odors in the air.
  • A steep rise in utility bills.
  • Rattling sounds from the ducts when the AC or heater comes on.
  • Uneven heating or cooling around the house.

Why Leaky Air Ducts Are Trouble

Are a few duct leaks really a big deal? Yes, it is. Look over those warning signs we listed above, and this will give you some idea of how much trouble leaking air ducts create. The U.S. ENERGY STAR program has found that up to 30% of the air in a ventilation system can escape through leaks. That’s air the homeowner has already paid to heat or cool that goes to waste—a significant expense. Leaking ducts create hot and cold spots around the house, and the influx of dust, mold, and other pollutants from closed–off parts of the house will lower indoor air quality.

Professional Duct Sealing Is the Answer

The answer certainly isn’t duct tape! Despite the name, duct tape isn’t useful on ducts at all. Restoring the airtightness of a ventilation system is a job only skilled HVAC professionals with the best equipment can do.

When you arrange for duct sealing with our technicians, they’ll see the job is done fast and correctly. They’ll seal off the entire ventilation system and use power vacuums to change the pressure in the ductwork to agitate debris from the duct walls and then suction it away. Afterwards, they’ll test the air pressure in the ducts to see that they’ve gotten the job done.

Arrange for Duct Sealing in Fenton, MI with Us

If you’ve noticed the signs of leaking air ducts in your home, don’t procrastinate and hope maybe the problem will go away. Because it won’t—not until you have our ventilation experts test the ductwork and then seal any leaks.

Some of the warning signs of air duct leaks could be from different HVAC troubles, and you can count on our First Choice Heating & Cooling team to make any repairs necessary to resolve the problem. Put your trust in our more than 15 years of experience with HVAC services in Fenton, MI and the surrounding areas.