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Air Conditioning in Fenton, MI

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First Choice Heating & Cooling is your one-stop shop when it comes to keeping your cool—your cool house, that is! With our more than 20 years of experience serving Fenton, MI with superb air conditioning services, we’re the reliable contractor who can deliver the AC installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance you need for comfort.

  • Serving the area since 2001
  • 5-year labor warranty on installations

We work with more than just central air conditioning systems. We install and service heat pumps, ductless mini splits, and geothermal systems. Our honesty, friendly customer service, and satisfaction guarantees will make us your true First Choice!

If your home had a voice … it would call First Choice! Contact us today for AC services in Fenton, MI and the surroundinga area.


We Install a Number of Different Air Conditioning Systems

There are a lot of different ACs on the market today. It’s great to have choices, but the sheer number of systems available can make it difficult to figure out how best to cool your home. While there is no one system that is perfect for everyone or every home, there is definitely a system best suited to your needs. We’ll help you to find the perfect air conditioner in Fenton, MI. We install and service the following systems.

When Should I Schedule Air Conditioning Repairs?

You really don’t want to ignore any signs of trouble with your air conditioning system. Even if you think the problem is relatively "minor," any operational issue can worsen and do real damage if you give it the time to do so. Before you schedule professional AC repairs, though, you should rule out any obvious issues with simple solutions. Check these items before calling for professional air conditioning repair services.

  1. Make sure the thermostat is set to "cool" and the temperature setting is set below the actual room temperature.
  2. Look for a "low battery" signal on the thermostat. If so, replace batteries. (This should be done once a year.)
  3. Make sure the circuit breaker in your electrical panel is in the on position. If it’s off, it could be because someone accidentally turned it off or because it tripped due to an overload. If you turn it on and it "trips" to the off position again, there’s something wrong and you should call us to accurately diagnose the problem for you.
  4. Make sure the disconnect switch near the air conditioner is in the "on" position. This is usually mounted on the house near the air conditioner. There could sometimes be fuses in this switch that should also be checked. If the fuses blow, call us for help.
  5. Make sure the on/off switch on the furnace is in the "on" position. This usually looks like a light switch on or near the furnace. There could sometimes be a fuse in this switch that should also be checked. If the fuse blows, call us for help.
  6. Make sure the doors of the furnace are properly installed or latched. Most furnaces have a safety switch behind the blower door that will prevent the furnace from operating if the door isn’t properly latched.
  7. Make sure your air filter is clean.

Now, the best way to deal with any air conditioning problems is to avoid them in the first place. That is precisely why routine air conditioning maintenance is so important. We can definitely handle your air conditioning replacement and installation services for you. However, we also focus on the ongoing maintenance and repair needs necessary to keep your air conditioner in great working condition for as long as possible. Contact us today to get started.

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