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Commercial Indoor Air Quality
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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services in Fenton, MI

Keeping the air in a commercial building fresh can be a very big challenge. This is especially true in manufacturing settings or other businesses where pollutants are being actively introduced into the air via the work being done within, but it applies to spaces such as office buildings and eateries as well. If you are looking for ways in which to boost your commercial indoor air quality in Fenton, MI, and to maintain it subsequently, you're in the right space.

Problems with temperature maintenance are usually pretty obvious to everyone in any given space – it's just either too hot or too cold. Problems with indoor air quality may not be as quickly noticed, though, even if they are leading to symptoms among those working in or visiting that property. If you have any suspicions about the quality of the air in your commercial property being subpar, contact First Choice Heating & Cooling to have the problem(s) resolved.

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Signs of Subpar Commercial Indoor Air Quality in Fenton, MI

One of the best ways in which to recognize problems with your indoor air quality in your commercial space is to keep your ears open. Not for sounds of trouble, but for complaints from your workforce or customer base. Chances are they are not complaining just for the heck of it! These people are coming to you with real concerns, and it is valuable information to use if you really want to give them a great experience in your commercial property. Other signs may include the following.

  • Filters in HVAC system frequently clogged up.
  • Visible dust and dirt particles in air.
  • Trouble keeping up with sweeping/vacuuming/general cleaning.
  • Mildew or otherwise stale odors.
  • Air feels muggy.
  • Dry, itchy skin.
  • Complaints of allergy symptoms among those in the property.

We Install and Service All Sorts of Commercial IAQ Systems

There are a lot of ways in which the indoor air quality in your commercial property may suffer. Because of this, there is no one solution for every situation. If you have low commercial indoor air quality, then taking a multi–pronged approach to resolve the problems is likely going to be your best bet.

Issues with airborne pollutants like dust and dirt, for instance, can be resolved with an air filtration system or, perhaps, electronic air cleaners. If you’re concerned about viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants, though, UV germicidal lights are the way to go. They should never be used in place of filtration systems, however. They are a complement to, but not a replacement for, pollutant removal systems. They won’t do anything to get rid of the dust and dirt in the air.

You may need a commercial humidifier in the winter when the air is dry, or to combat the dehumidifying effects of your commercial AC in the summer. Mechanical ventilation systems, such as ERVs or HRVs, can be used to help you balance energy efficiency and indoor air quality. It’s a complex issue to handle successfully, but that’s why the experts on our team are here to help. Call today to get started!