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Gas Fireplaces in Fenton, MI

Can you think of anything more relaxing to do on a frigid winter's night than to curl up with a good book or to enjoy a movie with the family while basking in the glow and comfort of the fireplace? One thing that is certainly not as relaxing is splitting and hauling wood, or cleaning up the ash out of a fireplace when the flames have died down once more. That is why you may want to consider using a gas fireplace in Fenton, MI.

The gas fireplace is the exact point at which comfort, convenience, ambiance, and elegance converge. If you decide to have a gas fireplace installed in your home, or if you need to have your existing gas fireplace serviced, be sure to dial our number. First Choice Heating & Cooling was established back in 2001, and we've proven ourselves as an honest contractor that will do the job right time and time again ever since. We make your home happy!

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Benefits of the Gas Fireplace

Using a gas fireplace provides you with the cozy atmosphere of a traditional wood–burning fireplace, without the need to get your hands dirty preparing wood and sweeping out the fireplace when you’re done with it. This convenience is ultimately the reason why so many homeowners decide to invest in gas fireplaces. Their usefulness should not be overlooked either, though.

A gas fireplace is not going to serve as the primary heat source in a home. It does make for an excellent supplemental heat source, though, and when properly sized for the space in which they are installed, these fireplaces can throw a lot of heat in quite an affordable manner. If you’re looking to complement your existing heating system while also adding aesthetic appeal to your home, you’re looking for a gas fireplace in Fenton, MI.

Leave the Gas Fireplace Installation to Gas Fireplace Contractors

Natural gas is an outstanding resource. It is largely a domestic product, which cuts down on the reliance on imported oil. Like any other fuel source, though, natural gas can potentially be dangerous when not used properly. That is why you need to have your gas fireplace installed or replaced by trained professionals with the tools and training to do the job right. We will make sure that the gas entering your home is being piped in and utilized safely.

We Offer Gas Fireplace Repairs and Maintenance, As Well

Have you noticed that the cost associated with using your gas fireplace have started to jump? Can you smell the sulfuric odor of natural gas in your home? Are you concerned about flickering, low flames? Is the system not producing heat as effectively as normal?

When you let a professional technician complete routine gas fireplace maintenance for you, you can generally count on a reliable performance from your system. That being said, there is no way in which to completely eliminate the risk of problems developing with your system. If something should go wrong, remember that you can trust our technicians to complete your gas fireplace repairs properly.