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Commercial Geothermal in Fenton, MI

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The thermal energy from the ground around your business can help you save money, heat and cool your facility more reliably, and help you go green! You’ll get all that and more when you use a commercial geothermal system. First Choice Heating & Cooling installs commercial geothermal heat pumps and we can also help repair and maintain any existing geothermal systems. The benefits are tremendous and the cost is more affordable than you may realize.

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Commercial geothermal systems require extensive work to install and that’s a good reason to trust an experienced team like ours. We’ve helped many businesses in the Fenton, MI area take advantage of geothermal heating and cooling—we’d like you to be the next!

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How Does Geothermal Heating and Cooling Work?

A commercial geothermal heating and cooling system uses a heat pump in its operation. That why these systems are also commonly called ground–source heat pumps. Unlike air–source heat pumps, which exchange heat with the air outside, the geothermal system exchanges heat with the ground. This actually helps geothermal systems to function with even greater efficiency and consistency than air–source heat pumps do.

A ground loop is buried on the property, through which a heat exchange fluid is circulated. Due to property size considerations, a vertical installation of the geothermal loop is commonly used in the commercial sector, with 2 pipes being installed in deep holes that are drilled into the ground. They connect at the bottom with a U–bend in order to form the loop.

Because the temperature beneath the ground is so constant, commercial geothermal systems are able to operate with great reliability and efficiency. In the winter, heat is drawn out of the ground, is exchanged with the refrigerant in the heat pump unit, and is used to heat the building. In the summer, heat is sunk into the ground, which requires less energy than venting it into the hot air outside would.

Leave Your Commercial Geothermal Services to Us

As the description of the system and its operation above implies, a geothermal system is quite complex. A geothermal system on a commercial scale, even more so. The design, installation, and servicing of a commercial geothermal system in Fenton, MI is not something that just anyone can handle. Our technicians are continually training and keeping up with advances in technology, and they can help you to get a great performance from your commercial geothermal system.

When you combine a perfectly installed system with our commercial geothermal maintenance services, you can count on a truly great, reliable, and efficient performance from that equipment. Not system is perfect, of course, and commercial geothermal repairs will be necessary at some point. Be that as it may, the commercial geothermal system has earned its reputation as one of the most dependable, efficient, and effective commercial HVAC systems around.

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