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Gas & Electric Furnace Services in Fenton, MI

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At First Choice Heating & Cooling, we aim to make your home happy! If you have a furnace to keep your family warm in winter, our team has many ways to see that you have a happy and heated home. We offer full service to install, replace, maintain, and repair gas and electric furnaces. We back up our work with a satisfaction guarantee and offer free installation estimates.

  • Serving the Fenton, MI area since 2001
  • 3-year guarantees on repairs we perform
  • 5-year labor warranty on installations

We take pride in high quality customer service because we truly care about customer satisfaction. We're here to see that you're comfortable in your house—we make homes happy!

If your home had a voice … it would call First Choice! Give us a call for professional furnace repair, installation, and maintenance in Fenton, MI and the surrounding area.


You Need a Professional Furnace Installation

We understand that you may be a handy DIY enthusiast. If you are not also a professional heating technician, though, you have no business attempting to install a furnace in your home. Doing so can lead not only to damage to the system, but a very dangerous situation in your home.

Why take any risks with your furnace services in Fenton, MI when we’re here to help, anyway? We install gas furnaces and electric furnaces alike. When we install or replace your furnace, we will complete a heat load calculation to determine just how much furnace you really need. That way, you’ll be able to heat your home effectively and reliably without wasting money on heating power that you don’t need. We make your home happy!

We Repair and Maintain Electric and Gas-Fired Furnaces

Even a great furnace that is expertly installed will probably run into operational issues from time to time. When you get down to it, there is just no such thing as a 100% reliable furnace. We’re not here to try to sell you system replacements that you don’t really need, though. We offer great ongoing services in order to keep your furnace up and running properly. Routine maintenance will keep repair needs to a minimum, and there are a few items to check before you schedule professional furnace repairs.

If the furnace isn’t doing anything at all:

  1. Make sure the thermostat is set to "heat" and the temperature setting is set above the actual room temperature.
  2. Look for a "low battery" signal on the thermostat. If you see it, replace batteries. (This should be done once a year.)
  3. Make sure the circuit breaker in your electrical panel is in the on position. If it’s off, it could be because someone accidentally turned it off or because it tripped due to an overload. If you turn it on and it "trips" to the off position again, there’s something wrong and you should call us to accurately diagnose the problem for you.
  4. Make sure the on/off switch on the furnace is in the "on" position. This usually looks like a light switch on or near the furnace. There could sometimes be a fuse in this switch that should also be checked. If the fuse blows, call us for help.
  5. Make sure the doors of the furnace are properly installed or latched. Most furnaces have a safety switch behind the blower door that will prevent the furnace from operating if the door isn’t properly latched.

If the furnace is making some noises, or you can see some functions working:

  1. Make sure your air filter is clean.
  2. Look for a sight glass that lets you see into the blower area and look for LED diagnostic lights that might give you a "fault code" to give you an idea what’s wrong. These fault codes are not the same for all furnaces, and some furnaces don’t have them. There may be a sticker on the furnace explaining how to read the fault codes. If you get a fault code feel free to call us and we can help you interpret them. Be sure to have your furnace model # when you call.

If you need professional furnace repair in Fenton, MI, then call the experts at First Choice Heating & Cooling!

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