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Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Fenton, MI

The summer months can be very hot in this area. When you add the hustle and bustle of the activity in a commercial property to the already high temperatures outdoors, you are talking about serious heat. It takes a serious commercial air conditioning system in Fenton, MI to stand up to that heat. We'll make sure that your commercial AC can do just that.

Investing in a great commercial air conditioner is a great step toward ensuring that your commercial property is comfortable all year long. However, it is just that – a step. Without the right follow up steps, including scheduling your commercial air conditioning, installation, repair, and maintenance services with trained technicians, there is no way that you can hope to get the most that your commercial AC should have to offer. That is why you should work with First Choice Heating & Cooling.

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Choosing Your Commercial Air Conditioner

Obviously, you are not going to be using window units in order to cool your commercial property. There are a lot of different commercial ACs to choose from, and they must all be professionally installed in order to function properly. It doesn’t matter if you go with a geothermal system, a rooftop unit, or a traditional split central system. We will install the system properly, and we’ll help you to choose the one best suited to your property and its needs.

Part of this means ensuring that your system is of the right size for your property. If it’s too small, then it will struggle to evenly and effectively cool the entire property. If it’s too large, though, it may short cycle and leave you paying more for less comfort. Plus, you’ll be investing in a cooling capacity that you don’t need. That is why we do computerized load calculations to guarantee the proper sizing of the commercial cooling systems that we install.

Schedule Professional Commercial AC Repair and Maintenance

Honesty and integrity are the bedrock upon which our business operates. If there were a way in which we could make it certain that you’d never need commercial air conditioning repairs in Fenton, MI, then we’d do that for you. Here in the real world, though, this is just not possible. The closest that we can come to that unreachable goal is to keep your system properly tuned up with our outstanding maintenance services.

Routine commercial cooling maintenance is far and away the best investment that you can for your commercial AC system. This equipment is going to be operating under major strain for a lot of the year. That kind of wear and tear is really going to take a toll. Scheduling routine commercial AC maintenance will help to keep any commercial air conditioning repair needs at bay.

Even with our great maintenance offerings, though, your system is going to run into trouble from time to time. If employees, tenants, or customers are complaining of discomfort, hot and cold spots, or strange sounds or odors coming from the AC or its vents, contact us right away. Keep an eye on your energy costs for inexplicable spikes, as well. Being aware of such symptoms is the first step toward minimizing the impact of any problems with your system.