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Central Air Conditioners in Fenton, MI

We have hot and humid summers in this area, and that can make it extremely difficult to live in true comfort throughout the summer season. If you really want to ensure that you and your family are able to live in the level of comfort that we know you deserve, then you need to have a great air conditioning system in place. That's why you should give First Choice Heating & Cooling a call for all of your central air conditioning services in Fenton, MI.

Central air conditioners offer a level of comfort, convenience, efficiency, and security that window units simply cannot match. These whole-house cooling systems do demand professional central AC services, though. The installation, repair, and maintenance of a central air conditioner is not something that your local handyman can handle. Trust us to keep your home cool and comfortable this summer, and for many more to come. We make your home happy! Contact us today for an appointment.

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How Do Central Air Conditioners Work?

A central air conditioner functions like any other refrigerant based cooling system, including window air conditioners. The difference is that this is a centralized system designed to cool air for distribution throughout the entire house, rather than in a single room. A central air conditioner uses an indoor evaporator coil to evaporate refrigerant, which draws heat – and some humidity – out of the air.

The warm refrigerant then moves outdoors, where it is condensed in order to shed its heat outside. The air handler of the system forces the cooled air throughout the house, and this process is repeated over and over until the desired temperature is met. When things get too hot once again, your central AC in Fenton, MI just starts the process over.

Why Schedule a Professional Central Air Unit Installation?

Because it is a whole–house system, not a simple portable unit that you stick in the window. A central AC is a fairly complex system, comprising the indoor evaporator unit, the outdoor condenser unit, the ductwork used to distribute air throughout the house, along with the refrigerant tubing, electrical wiring, etc.

A whole–house split air conditioner must be appropriately sized for your home, even before it is installed therein. This requires that a cooling load calculation is completed, so that your system is neither undersized nor too big for your needs. These are details that the professionals on our staff can guarantee receive the right amount of attention.

How Do I Know if I Need Central AC Repairs?

Generally speaking, there will be warning signs that your system is faltering. You may notice a decrease in cooling output, a spike in energy costs, or even just loud operating sounds or unfamiliar odors coming from your vents. Is the breaker for the circuit that your AC runs on tripping frequently? Repairs may be necessary.

You can always count on our AC technicians to repair your system as needed, and not to try and upsell you on new equipment that isn’t really necessary. We also offer outstanding air conditioning maintenance in Fenton, MI, designed to keep your central air conditioner working at optimal performance levels. Give us a call today if you require any central AC system services.