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Thermostats in Fenton, MI

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Thermostats make a huge difference in how effectively and efficiently heating and cooling systems work to maintain comfort. The right repairs or upgrades to your thermostats can make a big difference in your home. At First Choice Heating & Cooling, we work with digital, Wi-Fi, and smart thermostats: let us find the best comfort control solution for your household. We’re experts when it comes to making homes happy.

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We care about customer satisfaction, which is why we back up our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We promise we’ll do everything in our power to deliver the best possible service. Talk to us today about how we can improve the climate control in your house.

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What Type of Thermostats Are Available?

If you have the thermostat on the wall that you inherited with your home, or if you’ve just moved into your first house after always living in apartments, then there is a good chance that you’ve never actually bought a thermostat. When you go to do so for the first time, you may be surprised at the various options available. Typically, you’ll be deciding between the following devices.

  • Digital thermostats, which have push–button controls and easy to read digital screens that make setting accurate temperatures simple.
  • Wireless thermostats, which feature a receiver that is hardwired into the HVAC system and a thermostat that is free to travel conveniently throughout the house with you.
  • Smart thermostats, which are Wi–Fi enabled and can be controlled via a smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Smart thermostats may also have learning capabilities, meaning that they’ll pick up on your heating and cooling trends to optimize performance automatically.

We Install and Replace Thermostats

The thermostat is not exactly the most complex piece of equipment in your HVAC system. Attempting to install a thermostat on your own, however, is still not a good idea. It may not be as catastrophic an undertaking as trying to install a brand new furnace, but you still risk damaging the equipment and causing operational issues with what is otherwise a great product.

There is much to consider when installing a thermostat in Fenton, MI, including simply the placement of the device. You don’t want a thermostat on an outward facing wall, for example, or right by windows or doors. When our technicians handle your thermostat installation, the job will be done right and your thermostat will function exactly as it ought to.

Keep in mind too that you needn’t wait for your thermostat to fail entirely before you go about replacing it. Many homeowners choose to upgrade their thermostats just to enjoy a better furnace and cooling experience. Even just upgrading to a basic digital model can benefit you if you have a manual thermostat in place, though we suggest at least opting for a programmable device. Contact us today if you want to try a new thermostat in your home.

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