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Commercial HVAC Services in Fenton, MI

Keeping your home comfortable throughout the year is a major priority that you share with all other homeowners. If you own a commercial property, that level of importance should transfer over to the comfort of all those within your property, as well. Just because you don't live there does not mean that you can afford to take any chances with your commercial HVAC systems in Fenton, MI.

Now, whole-house cooling systems are large and complex enough. When you take this technology into the industrial and commercial sector, though, things get even more complex and the jobs get even bigger. You need to know that your commercial contractor is qualified to handle the job properly. Schedule service with the professionals at First Choice Heating & Cooling will ensure that this is the case.

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The Commercial Services That We Offer

When you need to schedule service for your commercial property, you don’t want to be juggling contractors to do so. You want to schedule service with professionals that you can turn to to get the job done right, whatever it may be. We are those professionals. Since our establishment in 2001, we’ve worked tirelessly to fine tune and refine our commercial services, which include the following.

Call for Commercial HVAC Installations and Replacement

The last thing that you want is to waste your money on great commercial heating or air conditioning equipment, only to get a lousy performance from that equipment because it wasn’t properly sized or installed. We complete computerized heat load calculations to ensure the proper sizing of equipment, and we will complete your commercial HVAC installation properly every step of the way. Be it a geothermal system or a rooftop unit, we’ll do the job right.

Have you noticed that your very old commercial heating and cooling equipment is starting to falter? Are you sick of sinking money into it? Has it broken down entirely Our commercial HVAC, geothermal, and IAQ replacement technicians will get the old system out and a new one in place as quickly and successfully as possible. We want to make things convenient for you, but we will never sacrifice the quality of our services for the sake of speed or cutting corners.

We Offer Commercial HVAC Maintenance and IAQ Maintenance and Repair

To say that your commercial systems are going to be working hard throughout the year is to make a massive understatement. You really don’t want to ignore the service needs of your system, only to suffer reduced efficiency and reliability as a result. Commercial heating and cooling maintenance in Fenton, MI is a must. It also happens to be yet another service in which we excel.

While going over your system with a fine toothed comb on an annual basis will help us to keep that system in the best working condition possible, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of repair needs. No system is perfect, even when perfectly maintained. If and when you require commercial heating, cooling, geothermal, or IAQ repairs, we hope you remember to schedule them with our team.