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Indirect Water Heater
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Indirect Water Heaters in Fenton, MI

If you own a home and you've been shopping around in anticipation of a water heater replacement, or if you are having a new home constructed and are trying to figure out how best to heat water for use throughout it, you've probably encountered both tank and tankless models. While the tank water heater remains the dominant option in homes throughout the country, tankless water heaters have definitely been gaining on them for a while. Too many homeowners still overlook the indirect water heater, though.

While not the most popular of all water heaters, indirect water heaters are actually a great option to consider. Indirect water heaters have been around for decades at this point. There is something of a renewed interest in them today, though, as homeowners are on the lookout for ways in which to save energy in their homes. Consider the following, and let First Choice Heating & Cooling know if you are interested in using an indirect water heater in Fenton, MI. We make your home happy!

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How Does an Indirect Water Heater Work?

An indirect water heater is surprisingly simple in its operation. It is so simple, in fact, that the "water heater" itself is actually not even really responsible for heating the water! How does that work? Well, that’s where the "indirect" facet of the water heater comes into play.

An indirect water heater actually depends upon a boiler in order heat water. The indirect water heater itself is more or less just a very well insulated tank with a coil in it. This coil is part of a closed loop system that allows hot water from the boiler to pass through, heating the stored water in the process. The water from the boiler and the water in the water heater do not mix. Heat is just exchanged between the two of them.

So Is an Indirect Water Heater Right for Me?

This depends on a number of factors. Generally speaking, you’re not going to go out of your way to have a boiler installed in an existing property just to use an indirect water heater. If you already have a boiler in place, though, or if you are putting a boiler in a new construction project, then you should definitely consider using an indirect water heater.

When you use an indirect water heater in Fenton, MI, you’re basically running just one power–hungry appliance in your boiler, rather than a designated heater and a designated water heater. Even if your boiler is a bit older, and not quite as efficient as today’s high efficiency models, this can still add up to very real energy savings.

Your Indirect Water Heater Requires Professional Services

Needless to say, you don’t want to risk leaks developing in your boiler system, especially not because you trusted an unqualified individual to integrate your indirect water heater into the boiler system. That is why you should leave all of your indirect water heater services to the pros on our staff.

Maintenance needs for an indirect water heater are fairly minimal, as its components are so simple. That being said, the system should still be assessed during routine maintenance to guarantee that it is functioning properly. Should problems of any type be discovered, count on us to handle your indirect water heater repairs properly. Call today to learn more.