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Water Heaters in Fenton, MI

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The water heater in your home works almost every day of the year. It’s a vital part of your daily life. Don’t you think it deserves the best professional service? First Choice Heating & Cooling is the contractor to trust to ensure you have a steadily working water heater that saves energy and lasts for many years. Since 2001, we’ve helped many homeowners in the Fenton, MI area with great water heater solutions.

  • Free installation estimates
  • 3-year guarantees on repairs we perform
  • 5-year labor warranty on installations

Our team not only works with standard tank water heaters, but also tankless water heaters and indirect water heaters. You can depend on our experienced technicians to handle everything from a new water heater installation to speedy repairs when your water heater isn’t doing its job.

If your home had a voice … it would call First Choice! Contact us today for water heater repair, installation, and maintenance in Fenton, MI.


Choosing Your New Water Heater

Before you start thinking about factors like manufacturers, you should first determine exactly what type of water heater you’re going to use in your home. When the time for a water heater installation or replacement in Fenton, MI comes, remember that you don’t have to stick with what you’ve always used. We install and service the following types of water heaters.

  • Tank Water Heaters: the old standby of countless homeowners throughout the country, these systems heat water and store that water in a tank, meaning you always have a reservoir of hot water at the ready.
  • Tankless Water Heaters: a bit less common in the US, though extremely popular in many other countries, tankless water heaters are definitely becoming more and more of a favorite for homeowners looking to heat water with great efficiency and without the need for storage.
  • Indirect Water Heaters: ideal for use in homes that have a boiler heating system, indirect water heaters are essentially just a very well insulated tank with a coil inside. Hot water from the boiler system runs through this coil, exchanging heat with the water in the tank.

We Install and Replace Water Heaters in Fenton, MI

Professional water heater services are an absolute must if you want not only the most efficient and effective possible from your system, but the safest operation as well. We install both gas water heaters and electric water heaters of all kinds, and we install them properly from start to finish. Your water heater will be appropriately sized for your needs, use fuel properly and safely, and will be integrated into your plumbing system with the requisite care.

Additionally, we can handle your water heater replacement for you when the time comes. If you have a leaky hot water heater tank, or if your tankless water heater is very old and out of date, just give us a call. A water heater replacement may not be the most exciting investment you’ll ever make, but it can be hugely beneficial.

Count on Us for Water Heater Repair and Maintenance

Eventually, as is the case with any appliance in your home, you are going to have to schedule professional water heater maintenance. When you do, we encourage you to do so with our team. Before schedule water heater repairs, you can check to ensure that the pilot light is lit, the circuit breaker isn’t tripped, and that the temperature is set properly. If you encounter a problem without and obvious and simple solution, don’t hesitate to contact us for great water heater repairs in Fenton, MI.

We hope that you’ll take advantage of our water heater maintenance offerings as well. There is no better way in which to keep your water heater functioning as effectively and reliably as possible. With routine water heater maintenance, you can heat water in your home with well–earned confidence.

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