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Tank Water Heaters in Fenton, MI

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First Choice Heating & Cooling is here to help with all your tank water heater needs. We install the finest new units—backed up with a 5-year labor warranty—and handle repairs, replacements, and maintenance. We understand how much you rely on your tank water heater, and we want to see you receive the quality service that keeps the hot water flowing every day!

  • Serving the area since 2001
  • Free installation estimates
  • 3-year guarantees on repairs we perform

You can count on us for friendly service that not only gets the job done right, but will leave your house as clean as we found it. We will go out of our way to make sure you have the best possible customer experience.

If your home had a voice … it would call First Choice!


Do I Want an Electric Tank Water Heater or a Gas Tank Water Heater?

It all depends, really. There is no single water heater that is the perfect fit for every single home. If that were the case, then you wouldn’t have so many to choose from. Electricity and gas both have their pros and cons, but gas is generally a preferred fuel source in this day and age.

Natural gas is piped directly into the home, while propane can be delivered and stored on site. Natural gas is a very affordable fuel, and quite clean–burning for a fossil fuel. The issue is that it is not available in every location. Propane is widespread, particularly in those areas in which natural gas is not readily available. Not everyone is nuts about storing a fuel tank on their property, though.

An electric water heater is actually incredibly efficient, as there is no energy lost to flue gases. However, the cost of electricity itself is high enough to result in a more expensive operation than natural gas. Even so, a good electric water heater should not be overlooked, and certainly not if accessing natural gas is an issue.

Call for Tank Water Heater Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Many problems with your water heater can be repaired by our skilled technicians. If your system is not heating water to the desired temperature – and you’ve checked the thermostat settings on the appliance – then repairs may be needed. The same is true if it has shut down and won’t start back up – provided you’ve ruled out obvious issues like a tripped circuit breaker before scheduling professional tank water heater repairs in Fenton, MI.

While routine tank water heater maintenance can help to keep repair needs at bay, eventually problems will develop. In some cases, replacement may be your only option. This is the case if the tank itself springs a leak, for instance. In others, it may just be the best option. There comes a point where any appliance is no longer worth sinking more money into. Let us evaluate your system for you to help you make the right decisions about the future of your tank water heater.

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