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Heat Pumps in Fenton, MI

Thanks to modern day technology, some goals that would once have seemed impossible to achieve are now very much within our grasp. While it may sound too good to be true, for instance, using a heat pump in Fenton, MI allows you not only to heat and cool your home with just one system for year round comfort, but to do so with outstanding energy efficiency as well. Only, however, if your heat pump is properly installed and serviced.

That is why we recommend that you leave your heat pump installation, heat pump repair, and heat pump maintenance services to the professional technicians on the First Choice Heating & Cooling team. We're not here to aggressively upsell you on products and features that you don't need just to pad our bottom line. We're here to provide you with exceptional services to guarantee that you get the best that your heat pump has to offer. We make your home happy! Contact us today for an appointment

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What Sets Heat Pump Systems Apart?

A heat pump, unlike a furnace or a boiler, does not really generate new heat. Instead, the heat pump serves to exchange heat with the air outside, in air–source heat pump models. There are also geothermal, or ground source, heat pumps that work in much the same manner, though they instead exchange heat with the ground. The operation is much the same, though.

With an air–source heat pump, refrigerant is evaporated in the outdoor coil, allowing the heat pump to draw heat out of the air outside. Even when it is very cold, there is heat outdoors. That warm refrigerant is then compressed by the compressor, and is condensed indoors. This causes it to shed its heat, and that heat is used to heat air in the home.

The heat pump, thanks to a component called the reversing valve, can also operate in reverse. This allows it to function as a central AC in the summer season. You need simply choose heating or cooling mode at the thermostat to determine what job the heat pump will do.

Benefits of Using a Heat Pump in Fenton, MI

One of the major benefits of using a heat pump in order to heat and cool your home is just that: versatility. You won’t have to invest in separate heating and cooling systems when you use a heat pump. Energy efficiency during the heating season is the big draw, though. By exploiting existing heat in the air outside in this manner, you can really cut down on energy costs.

When temperatures drop very low, the heat pump is still going to be able to heat your home, mind you. However, its efficiency may falter a bit in doing so. When you take everyday operation into account, though, using a heat pump is still going to offer outstanding energy efficiency in the big picture.

Let Us Handle Your Heat Pump Services

One guaranteed way in which to ensure that you get a subpar performance from even the best heat pumps on the market is to schedule your heat pump services with an unqualified individual. That is never a problem when you choose to work with us, though. Since 2001, we’ve been showing our valued clients what it means to work with a contractor grounded in honest services and integrity.

Our heat pump installation and replacement services will see to it that your system is the right fit for your home. We offer routine heat pump maintenance, which will keep your heat pump tuned up and ready to go, whatever the season may be. If and when something should go wrong with your heat pump – it gets stuck in a particular operating mode, it keeps icing over again and again, or it breaks down entirely, we can also handle the repair services that you’ll need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts!