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Steam Boilers in Fenton, MI

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The hot water boiler has replaced the steam boiler in most houses, but the power of steam boilers still gives them a place in homes that need extra heating power. Not all local HVAC contractors serving Fenton, MI and the surrounding areas offer service for steam boilers, but First Choice Heating & Cooling does. If you have a steam boiler, you can trust us to make your home happy!

  • Serving the area since 2001
  • We support our local community in many ways: charities, fundraisers, and more

If you’re looking for a new steam boiler, we offer free installation estimates and a 5-year labor warranty on the installation. We also have a 3-year guarantee on any repairs we perform. We want you to know you’re in the best hands so you can relax and enjoy the comfort of your home.

If your home had a voice … it would call First Choice! Give us a call today for steam boiler installation, repair, or maintenance.


We Install and Replace Steam Boilers

Installing a boiler is a major undertaking, and it is not one that you can entrust to a local handyman. Regardless of whether you use natural gas, propane, or heating oil to fuel your steam boiler, you need trained professionals to install that equipment. This is the only way in which you can hope to use your steam boiler not only effectively and efficiently, but safely as well.

Before any heating system is installed in your property, you need to know just how much heating capacity you’ll require. That’s why you want our technicians to use specialized software in order to complete your heat load calculation. That way, you’ll have the heating capacity that you need without paying for potential that you don’t.

Once we’ve properly sized your system, there is still the matter of installing the steam boiler itself, as well as the steam radiators that the system will use. There aren’t quite as many options available when using this type of system as there are with others, but we’ll make sure that you have the best equipment in place for your needs. Contact us for expert steam boiler replacement or installation in Fenton, MI.

When Should I Schedule Steam Boiler Repairs?

Ideally, you’ll schedule your steam boiler repairs the moment it becomes clear that there is something wrong with your heating system. However, there are certain situations in which the cause of the problem is quite simple to resolve, often caused by basic user error. Here are a few tips to investigate before scheduling steam boiler repairs in Fenton, MI.

  1. Make sure the thermostat is set to "heat" and the temperature setting is set above the actual room temperature.
  2. Look for a "low battery" signal on the thermostat. If so, replace batteries. (This should be done once a year.
  3. Make sure the circuit breaker in your electrical panel is in the on position. If it’s off, it could be because someone accidentally turned it off or because it tripped due to an overload. If you turn it on and it "trips" to the off position again, there’s something wrong and you should call us to accurately diagnose the problem for you.
  4. Make sure the on/off switch on the boiler is in the "on" position. This usually looks like a light switch on or near the boiler. There could sometimes be a fuse in this switch that should also be checked. If the fuse blows, call us for help.
  5. Check the water level in the sight glass, it should be anywhere from about a third full to half full. If not, make sure boiler is cool and manually feed water until it reaches this level. If you have an automatic feeder, then it’s not working properly and you should call for service.

Don’t forget that the best way in which to keep your steam boiler working at peak performance and efficiency levels is with routine steam boiler maintenance services. We have a great maintenance program that will take all of the headache out of keeping up with maintenance. Give us a call, and heat your home with the success that you deserve.

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