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Duct Repair and Replacement in Fenton, MI

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Using air ducts to distribute both heated and cooled air is a common and effective way in which to maintain comfort in a home throughout the year. However, there is no way in which to ensure you will never encounter problems with your air ducts. If and when you do, be sure to schedule  duct repair and replacement in Fenton, MI with the pros on the First Choice Heating & Cooling team.

  • Free installation estimates
  • 3-year guarantees on repairs we perform
  • Friendly customer service

Not only can we test your ductwork to determine if there is an issue, but we can repair, seal, and/or if necessary, replace it to resolve that problem. We make your home happy!

If your home had a voice … it would call First Choice! Give us a call today for duct replacement and repair.


Signs of Trouble with Your Ductwork

Before you can go about scheduling any necessary duct repairs or replacements, you must first be able to recognize the need for such a service in the first place. Do you know the signs that you may need to service your air ducts? They may include the following.

  • High energy bills. If you use a forced–air distribution heater or air conditioner, then you may notice high energy bills when your air ducts are leaking. It won’t be a 100% loss, as the air will likely wind up somewhere in your home. Still, your system will have to work overtime to balance temperatures throughout the house.
  • Poor indoor air quality. Have you noticed that your allergy symptoms are getting worse and worse? Does it seem like a family member’s asthma symptoms are spiraling out of control? Does it just seem like dust is building up quickly? Then your leaky air ducts may be distributing pollutants throughout your home.
  • Hot and Cold Spots. Is your home not heating up or cooling down evenly? Then it is very likely that damaged ductwork is to blame. Don’t worry though. We can seal up those ducts as needed, or replace them as necessary.

When to Repair, and When to Replace

There are a lot of situations in which your air ducts may be repaired. Typically, this means that those air ducts will be professionally sealed up. Sealing ductwork doesn’t entail the misguided, DIY approach of slapping some duct tape on torn ducts. Instead, it means using mastic to effectively seal and repair ducts for lasting results.

There are also situations in which your ductwork may not be reparable, though. If the ducts are very corroded, have been accidentally damaged during construction or renovation services, or have been decimated by varmints, for instance, duct replacement in Fenton, MI may be your best recourse. If so, then you can count on our staff to fit your new ductwork to your home perfectly. From duct repairs to full duct replacement, we excel at what we do.

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