Why Your Heater Is Costing More to Run at the End of Winter

February 26th, 2024

As winter starts to head toward its end, many homeowners may notice an unexpected spike in their heating bills. After the previous months with a steady monthly utility bill, this sudden change can feel disconcerting. Some people might just ignore it, but we’re glad you’ve taken the time to seek some information about this switch in your heating bills.

In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why your heater might be costing more to run at the end of winter, shedding light on common issues. We’re the HVAC company in Brighton, MI you can count on for any service that will get your heater back in the best shape.

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Should You Upgrade to a More Energy-Efficient Furnace?

February 12th, 2024

One significant consideration for homeowners when it comes to battling winter weather is whether to upgrade to a more energy-efficient furnace. In this post, we take a look at AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings and weigh the pros and cons of opting for a higher AFUE furnace. 

Remember, the best way to get the answers you need for home heating is to consult with professionals like us. We offer everything from new furnace installations to furnace repair in Burton, MI.

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What to Look for in an HVAC Company

January 15th, 2024

Whether it’s for a furnace replacement or to fix your air conditioner, it pays to have a reputable, reliable HVAC company in mind when things start to go wrong. If you are not sure what to look for in an HVAC company in Brighton, MI, we’re here to help. This is what you need to know.

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How Long a Tankless Water Heater Really Lasts

January 1st, 2024

Let’s cut to the chase: you have around 15–20 years of service that you can expect from a tankless water heater. It’s longer than you can expect a tank water heater to last, so that’s a bonus, but it’s also completely dependent on how you take care of it.

We’ve seen our fair share of water heater repair in Fenton, MI over the years, and we can say without a doubt there are three things you need to keep in mind when you want to keep your tankless water heater in commission for upwards of two decades straight. Here’s what you need to know.

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What Happens to Your Water Heater Without Regular Maintenance

December 18th, 2023

We all hear that maintenance is important for our water heater, but it’s also easy to turn on the faucet, feel hot water come out, and dissuade yourself from following through with that water heater maintenance appointment. After all, the water’s hot, so what’s the big deal?

It may not manifest right now, but growing problems in your water heater are absolutely happening—it’s the nature of using any home HVAC or plumbing system: wear and tear is going to happen. It’s like a slow creep that leads up to a breakdown, but the whole time, we can’t see the proverbial progress bar until disaster strikes. Here’s why maintenance is important so you can avoid more calls for water heater service in Fenton, MI.

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How to Avoid as Many Heating Repairs as Possible

December 4th, 2023

One of the last bills you ever expect is a repair call for your heater, especially because we all know there’s no way to properly plan for the amount you’ll hear from the technician that shows up. There’s so many problems that could happen and so many components in your heating system that it’s hard to project, so the next best thing? Prevent as many problems as possible from occurring in the first place.

Through providing heating repair in Brighton, MI, we’ve seen just about every heating problem you can imagine. We’re confident that we can not only help you with your current heating problems, but help you learn how to prevent future ones, and that starts right now.

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Boiler Pressure Problems: When It’s Time to Call for Repairs

November 27th, 2023

Your boiler works within a specific range of water pressure. When it falls outside of that range in either direction, it can point to problems that require a plumber’s touch to handle.

Through all our years of boiler repair in Brighton, MI, we’ve seen just about every boiler issue you can imagine. Below are ways to tell that it’s time to call for repairs from the experienced professionals.

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The Benefits of Gas Furnaces Over Electric Furnaces

November 13th, 2023

Gas furnaces are the old reliable machines that we’ve used in our homes across the US for so many years, and despite the best efforts of engineers to make electric furnaces keep pace, they just can’t match gas when it comes to a few things. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

If you’re thinking about getting a new gas furnace in Howell, MI, you’re not alone. Plenty of MI residents choose to go for a gas furnace with how cold it gets here, and this is why.

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Choosing the Right AC for Your Next Installation

October 23rd, 2023

Home cooling systems last for 10–15 years, which is why selecting your next one is a big deal. It’s a long-term commitment, so taking the time to select the right cooling system is well worth it. Right now, let’s run through a few different features you need to look out for, and schedule your AC installation in Fenton, MI.

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Uncommon AC Repairs You Should Be Aware Of

October 9th, 2023

Your air conditioner might break down for reasons like a bad compressor, and the fan may eventually run into problems as well. These are expected, and it could be any number of various mechanical problems that pop up. As homeowners, you expect issues like these, but they’re not the only problems that can befall your AC.

When we answer calls for AC repair in Howell, MI, we run into some odd problems that you might not expect. While the situations we’re about to talk about aren’t common, they’re also possible, and it’s good to know as a homeowner all the unexpected ways your air conditioner can incur damage.

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