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Christa Siegel's Profile Image
Christa Siegel, Last month

Hadyn replaced the pressure relief valve on my water heater. He is very knowledgeable and professional, and he is also patient and willing to explain the process to someone like me who doesn't understand much about water heaters. I truly appreciate that courtesy, because too often, service people don't do that. A few months ago, Hadyn did a repair on my furnace, so when he arrived today, I was happy to see him because I knew I could ask questions and he would explain everything. Thank you, Hadyn!

Patrick Funke's Profile Image
Patrick Funke, Last month

Ben Porter was professional and very responsive after business hours to get our AC back on line. Ben is a rock star, and First Choice has been a great service provider for +10 years. Thanks for all you do and service technicians.

Christopher J's Profile Image
Christopher J, Last month
Bob D's Profile Image
Bob D, Last month

Very good company. The people are professional and show up when they say they will.

Kerry Beckemeyer's Profile Image
Kerry Beckemeyer, Last month

First Choice Heating is a honest & reliable company! They provide GREAT customer service ??????????

Brad Hager's Profile Image
Brad Hager, Last month
Kelly Scotland's Profile Image
Kelly Scotland, Last month
Carole Gutteridge's Profile Image
Carole Gutteridge, Last month

Cameron was on time and very professional. He showed me several things on the unit and did a good job explaining what needed to be done, why and the consequences to doing the service or not. I felt more knowledgeable and could make a better decision. I highly recommend this business.

Rick P's Profile Image
Rick P, Last month

Great service before during and after. Honest and reliable company and great employees.

David Schilling's Profile Image
David Schilling, Last month