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Can You Fix a Freon Leak in an Air Conditioner?


Your air conditioner doesn’t quite feel the same as it used to. It’s running for longer and your house isn’t getting cool as quickly. What  gives?

It could be a number of things, but one major problem could be a freon leak. Freon is the brand name for a chemical blend that’s used as a refrigerant in the lines of your AC.

But can you fix a freon leak in an air conditioner, or does it spell certain doom for your home cooling system? Let’s talk about that.

First, What Causes a Freon Leak?

The first step is to find the source, but how do you know where to look? Your air conditioner uses a closed loop system that’s filled with refrigerant. Now you just need to find it.

That’s a task that’s easier said than done. The refrigerant lines in your air conditioner run through multiple areas. A professional can help you by using a leak detector and their know-how to locate the source of the leak.

So how did that freon leak even start in the first place? Freon isn’t exactly a safe chemical. It causes erosion of the metal in the lines, which can eventually wear down enough to spring a small, sometimes even pin-sized hole.

Is It a DIY Type of Fix?

It most certainly is not. Freon poses health threats such as irritation of the throat, nose, and even drowsiness that leads to unconsciousness. Ultimately, freon exposure can result in death.

If you determine that there’s a freon leak, you should never approach it on your own. Cover your nose and mouth, then call for an emergency air conditioner repair.

When you call, be sure to mention that you believe that there’s a freon leak. It should be treated as an emergency. Step outside until a technician shows up to handle the situation just to be on the safe side.

Is Your Air Conditioner Doomed?

Not at all. Your air conditioner’s refrigerant lines can be repaired, though depending on their age, they may also need to be replaced. The good news is that it doesn’t spell certain disaster for your entire air conditioner.

That is, if it’s caught early enough. Without enough refrigerant in your air conditioner, you run into the problem of your compressor burning out extremely fast. The compressor isn’t a cheap component to replace.

By the time the freon leak becomes apparent enough for you to spot it (if you don’t regularly inspect your air conditioner), it may signal that your AC has other damage. Shut off the air conditioner, call a professional, and get a unit inspection afterwards.

Time to Call for Repairs

Freon leaks should be handled by professionals with the proper experience, safety equipment, and tools. Let them diagnose the problem and find the best possible solution. This just simply isn’t one of the problems your AC runs into that can be fixed by a DIY warrior.

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