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4 Ways to Make Your Electric Furnace More Efficient

Man spraying foam insulation for better home heating efficiency.

Electric furnaces have proven to be an energy efficient alternative to gas and oil furnaces, but they can still run into issues. You enjoy lower energy bills and more efficient heating, but there’s a huge possibility that you can make your electric furnace even more efficient.

Electric furnace efficiency can be achieved through internal and external means. Let’s talk about what you can do to improve energy efficiency before your next maintenance call.

Install New Energy-Efficient Windows

More often than not, homes have leaks throughout them that lower furnace energy efficiency. These leaks pull warm air out of your home and let the cold in. That lowers your home’s temperature and forces your furnace to turn on more often.

One of the most common areas in your home that leaks air is your windows. Drafts often form near windowsills and in the seals around the edges. But there’s also thermal transfer from older windows that you have to worry about. Upgrading your windows will improve the way your home holds onto heat in the winter.

Don’t Constantly Toy With the Thermostat Settings

If you’re a bit finicky with the thermostat, it could be lowering your energy efficiency. Especially if you have a smart thermostat for your electric furnace.

Setting a consistent temperature in your home gives you energy consumption predictions and helps you forecast what your bills will be. Changing the temperature constantly doesn’t help you find out what setting works best for your comfort and budget at the same time.

With smart thermostats, they will find the optimal way to maintain your home’s temperature at your preset level while conserving as much energy as possible. The thermostat just needs data (your preferred temperature) to know how to optimize your heating habits.

Regularly Change the Air Filter (and Keep Track)

Airflow is one of the biggest problems (and easiest to fix) for furnaces. Dirty filters force your furnace to work harder than necessary. This not only stresses out your furnace, but it also lowers its efficiency.

When your electric furnace has to work harder, it draws more energy than it should be just to run normally. If your furnace usually runs for ten minutes to achieve your desired indoor air temperature, now it has to work for longer, which can also result in shorter cooldown periods between cycles. The minutes (and dollars) add up quickly.

Monitor the Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit needs some special attention every now and again as well. Your electric furnace has a small outdoor cabinet that needs to be maintained just like the rest of your unit. Debris such as dust, dirt, and leaves commonly get trapped in your unit and can impair performance.

With a clean outdoor unit, you won’t encounter nearly as many obstructions. Your electric furnace can work as intended. Do a quick walk-through every time you change your air filter and inspect the outside of your unit.

Your Furnace Efficiency Could Use an Upgrade

Maintain your electric furnace, keep those air filters clean, and find out where your home is leaking warm air. A more efficient furnace means a longer lasting furnace. Upgrade your home, lower your bills, and schedule electric furnace maintenance to upkeep your unit. It’s all an investment in your home comfort.

Contact us today to install a new electric furnace or service your existing electric furnace and improve its efficiency.

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