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Heating Maintenance Is Essential in Fall!

service-reminderThe official start of winter is less than two months away. But the cold weather doesn’t obey the calendar, so we can expect chilly temperatures to arrive even earlier. If you haven’t arranged to have your fall heating maintenance done yet with our professionals, check this off your “to-do” list right away!

You might think that maybe this is just an optional service. You can get it done maybe every other year, and it isn’t that important to have it done. But this is far from the truth. Heating maintenance is an essential fall step for your house. We’ll explain why.


This is priority #1 for any HVAC system: making sure it operates well within the margins for safety. It’s not as much a concern for an air conditioning system and electric-powered heaters such as heat pumps. But it is a concern with gas-powered furnaces and boilers, which are the most common types of heaters found in this area. You never want a gas-powered system to miss an annual professional inspection. These expert checks will help to see the system doesn’t have potential gas leaks or combustion hazards.


Peace of mind is one of the great benefits of routine maintenance. A heater has far less chance of breaking down during the winter because of a malfunction after it’s had a thorough check-up and inspection. Our technicians look for hidden repair issues so they can be fixed in time for the winter. You’ll have fewer worries that the system will fail on you if you keep up with maintenance.

Energy efficiency

As a heating system ages, collecting dust, losing lubrication, picking up strain on components, it will work harder to deliver the same level of heat to a home. For each year a heating system misses maintenance, it will lose on average 5% of its energy efficiency rating. You’ll pay more to heat your house than you should—and that can end up being a steep increase.

Less money spent on repairs

Maintenance helps stop smaller repairs, not just the large ones that can bring the heating system to a halt. The difference regular tune-ups and inspections makes is huge: around 85% of the repairs a heater may need during its lifetime can be prevented by having professionals look over and adjust the system each fall.

Extended system lifespan

How long is your heater expected to last? The manufacturer provides a service life estimate, which can be from 10 to 20 years depending on the system. But that estimate is only if the heating system receives maintenance each year. Without the regular care to remove the effects of aging and use from the heater, it may not even last half as long—meaning an expensive early replacement. This is a place where a maintenance plan will really save you money in the long-term.

To arrange for Flushing, MI HVAC maintenance services, contact us today. Ask us about the “Automatic Maintenance Program” that so many of our customers use. We’ll help your heating and air conditioning system enjoy a long, energy-efficient life.

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