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Last Furnace Check: Does Yours Need Repairs?

girl-welcomes-warmer-weatherOur recent weather has been rainy and in the 40s. That’s much warmer than during the dead of winter, but it’s certainly not a full spring thaw. But these are probably the last few weeks you’ll be using the furnace until fall. You don’t necessarily need to shut the unit down since most furnaces now use electronic ignition systems and won’t waste power using a standing pilot light. But you also should make sure the furnace doesn’t have any lingering repair issues before you stop using it.

Why do later repairs matter?

We understand why you may feel skeptical about the urgency of having what seems like a minor problem with a furnace corrected if it’s about to go into a long hibernation. Strange noises from the cabinet, some uneven heating levels around the house, short-cycling—these are all signs of trouble, but if they aren’t having an impact on comfort, they may not seem like urgent situations.

But we recommend having a furnace repaired as soon as any signs of a problem show up—no matter the season. There are a couple of reasons why prompt furnace repair in Howell, MI is vital, even on the cusp of warmer weather:

  • Safety: This is the biggest concern with a gas furnace. We don’t want you to think your gas furnace is a dangerous appliance; modern furnaces are built to high safety specifications. However, the risk of hazardous operation climbs when there’s a malfunction. A seemingly “small” problem may turn out to be a cracked heat exchanger, which can allow carbon monoxide into your home. Keep on top of furnace repairs so you’ll stay safe.
  • Prevent a catastrophic breakdown: A furnace shouldn’t run if it has a malfunction. That’s not only for safety, but also to stop the strain on the system from triggering a larger problem—one that may cause the furnace to breakdown so that it will need to be replaced. That’s an expensive “repair” to make, and one you can avoid easily by making a call to a furnace repair professionals.
  • Stop a more expensive repair: It’s generally true that the sooner a problem in a furnace is addressed, the less the repair will cost. Allowing the problem to continue will likely cause it to worsen and affect other systems.
  • Avoid a nasty surprise in the fall: If you let your furnace shut down for the summer when it needs repairs, there’s a good chance that when you need it again in autumn that it won’t work at all. That’s not how you want to start off the heating season! Instead of scrambling to have emergency repairs done then, schedule convenient repairs now.

Let the Professionals Fix Your Furnace

Our technicians can make repairing your furnace at the end of heating season a snap. We’ll diagnose what’s wrong and then have the problem remedied, fast. Most of the time, our technicians can fix what’s wrong on the first visit. If it turns out you do need a replacement furnace, we’ll set up a convenient appointment to get the work done—and you’ll be glad you had it taken care of early!

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