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Schedule Heating Maintenance Now and Beat the Rush

service-reminderFall started officially on the 22nd of September, but most people think of the season starting after Labor Day, or when the calendar leaf flips over to September. Now it’s almost October and the reality of fall (and a certain even colder season that follows it) will strike homeowners. They’ll start making cold weather preparations. One of the most important preparations is arranging for professional HVAC technicians to do a maintenance inspection and tune-up on their heating system.

We can’t overestimate the importance of annual fall heating maintenance. It helps home heating systems work at high energy efficiency with little chance of repairs cropping up. The peace of mind that comes along with heating maintenance is worth the cost alone. 

Although you can have heating maintenance done anytime in the fall, or even during early winter, we urge you to have it scheduled as soon as possible. Or just “now.” Why?

Because Early Maintenance Is Easier Maintenance

Early fall is one of the less crowded times for HVAC contractors. Summer and winter are often packed with emergency repair and replacement jobs as the weather hits the extremes and ACs and heaters are under the most strain. But fall (and spring) gives some breathing space to HVAC teams because of the milder weather. This is the ideal time to have maintenance done, as well as to schedule other preventive service jobs like replacing an outdated HVAC system. 

If you call us now to schedule your heating maintenance, you’ll have a much easier time finding a convenient date for it with our experts. Maintenance is designed to bring you peace of mind, so shouldn’t you have peace of mind about scheduling it?

Oh, there’s another reason to act soon … well, now … when it comes to maintenance… 

Because Early Maintenance Is More Beneficial Maintenance

No matter what time of year our technicians do maintenance for your heating system, they’ll do the same set of inspections, adjustments, and cleanings. But when you have these tasks done earlier in the spring, you’ll receive more benefits from it. 

  • You won’t get caught by surprise when an early cold spell strikes.
  • The heater will start working at its top efficiency from the moment it comes on.
  • The technicians can catch potential repair issues early enough that you’ll have time to schedule the repairs before the weather turns cold.
  • Face it, it’s just nice to have a major “to-do” checked off your list early so you can get on to worrying about something else. 

Because Early Maintenance Is … Just Call Now, Okay?

First Choice is the Brighton, MI, HVAC contractor who can take care of your heating maintenance needs this fall and every fall. We not only offer heating maintenance in fall but air conditioning maintenance in spring. Call our office today to find out more about maintenance: we’ll get you on the schedule at a convenient time.

First Choice Heating & Cooling serves Fenton, Linden, Holly, and the Surrounding Areas. If your home had a voice… it would call First Choice!

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