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The Benefits of Gas Furnaces Over Electric Furnaces

Gas furnaces are the old reliable machines that we’ve used in our homes across the US for so many years, and despite the best efforts of engineers to make electric furnaces keep pace, they just can’t match gas when it comes to a few things. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

If you’re thinking about getting a new gas furnace in Howell, MI, you’re not alone. Plenty of MI residents choose to go for a gas furnace with how cold it gets here, and this is why.

First, Let’s Talk About Dependability

Modern furnaces also require electricity to run, because newer furnaces don’t use pilot lights that continue to burn even when the system isn’t currently heating your home. Instead, there’s an ignition source and a flame sensor, both of which require electricity.

So in a blackout, they’re both out. But when the lights come back on, a gas furnace will heat up your home faster than an electric furnace because of that immediate combustion. While this is a niche situation, it’s important to know.

The Cost of Installation

Gas furnaces tend to cost more to install than electric furnaces do, which may surprise you. An electric furnace is generally more compact and has less working parts than a gas furnace, since there’s no emissions to safely send outside of the house.

However, the ongoing cost to run your electric furnace is typically more expensive than running a gas furnace. So even though there’s that bigger upfront cost you have to bite, the ongoing operation costs are a different story.

Average Lifespan

This is one point that goes in the column for electric furnaces. An electric furnace can, and likely will, last for up to 20 years. That’s because there’s far less wear and tear associated with running an electric furnace.

With a gas furnace, you have emissions to worry about, your flame sensor, the heat exchanger, and more. There’s simply more components to worry about, which complicates things when you talk about system longevity. That being said, your gas furnace can still last 10–15 years.

Safety Concerns

Gas furnaces have come a long way when it comes to safety, but they still create a byproduct of carbon monoxide. This gets funneled outside, but an electric furnace doesn’t even pose this risk.

As long as you know you can maintain proper maintenance, your gas furnace can also be extremely safe. During maintenance, technicians check to see if there’s any issue with the heat exchanger and whether or not that leaks carbon monoxide into your home, so they will keep your safety in mind.

Gas or Electric, it’s Up to You

At the end of the day, you can choose to go with electric if it lines up with what you want, but now you know why gas furnaces are still superior for Howell, MI, residents. To get your new gas furnace installed today, you just have to contact us and we’ll start everything for you.

Contact us today to schedule your gas furnace installation or repairs as soon as possible.

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