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What to Look for in Professional Heating Contractors


You just moved into your new home, you have a laundry list of services that need to be done to get it in top shape, and you’re feeling overwhelmed. We’ve all been there.

When it comes time to choose your heating and cooling contractors to help you manage your furnace, air conditioner, and indoor air quality, you want the best of the best (and you shouldn’t settle for less).

Let’s go through the list of what you deserve from heating contractors in Highland and how they should help you take care of your home.

Local Reputation in Good Standing

Look at us, or look at any heating company. Even the ones that expand are still rooted in a few areas, and those are the communities that they serve on a constant basis.

Without a good, solid local reputation, where would any of these businesses end up? We, among other local companies, strive for excellence and want our neighbors to be as happy as can be with their experience.

Ask your friends or family for a trustworthy review. Online reviews can become a rabbit hole; take it from someone you trust who has used the same service before.

Certificatied and Insured

Your HVAC contractors of choice should have sufficient licensing and certifications, not to mention insurance. One certification is the North American Technician Excellence (NATE).

There are a lot of different certifications and levels to them. However, a good HVAC company doesn’t need to have every single one of them.

Quality Installation (QI) is another certification that HVAC contractors may possess. Additionally, they may also have an EPA 608 certification if being earth-conscious is on your list of must-have traits in a contractor.

State and local licensing vary depending on the area. As far as insurance is concerned, contractors should have general liability insurance to absolve the homeowner/business owner from blame in the event of an accident on the job.

Fair Pricing

HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance aren’t exactly inexpensive services. That doesn’t mean that you should have to overspend, either.

Reputable, respectable, and honest professional heating contractors will break down pricing in front of you. You should always know exactly what you’re paying for and that it’s for a fair price.

Knowledge and Experience

Some tasks can be done during a DIY weekend, but when it comes to HVAC, those tasks require the helping hand of a certified and experienced professional.

Between safety concerns, certifications, and speed of service, an HVAC contractor will know exactly what to do to get your heating system back up and running as soon as possible.

You don’t just pay for some replacement parts: you’re paying for compounded experience that gives you results. You’re paying for peace of mind in knowing the job was done right.

You Deserve Contractors Who’ve Been There

We know how daunting it can be to choose a new professional service provider to help take care of your home. We’ve been there, and we understand exactly where you’re coming from. You deserve an honest company that puts you first. For repairs, maintenance, and superior care, let us be your First Choice.

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