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Why Your Furnace Isn’t Heating the House Evenly

cold-man-and-woman-in-parkasWhat do you expect from your home’s furnace when you start it up for the season? Heat, obviously! But just plain heat isn’t enough, otherwise you could do well for a house with just a cheap space heater. No, you have a furnace because you want heat distributed throughout your house so all the rooms enjoy warmth. That’s the whole point of having a central heating system.

So if you’ve started your furnace for the season and noticed that not all the rooms are getting warm the way you expect, you may have a problem. It’s possible there’s a simple explanation. Or you may need to call our technicians for furnace repair in Howell, MI to see that you’re getting the heating performance you deserve from the furnace.

We know a little something about furnaces, so we can share some of the reasons that your furnace isn’t providing even heating:

A clogged furnace filter

Whenever you notice any problem with your furnace’s heating performance, one of the first things to check is whether the air filter needs to be changed for a clean one. A clogged filter restricts airflow into the furnace, and this means less air is heated to be sent to the rooms. Some rooms will receive enough warmth, and others just won’t. If the filter has been in place for three or more months, it almost certainly is due to be replaced. Keep a routine of changing the filter every one to three months.

Defective zone control system

If your house has a zone control system allowing you to shut down heating in certain areas while keeping it on in others, a malfunction can lead to uneven heating. This could be due to dampers in the ducts that have stuck shut, or the satellite thermostats may not be sensing accurate temperatures. You’ll need HVAC technicians to make the necessary repairs to the zone controls. 


Short-cycling is when the furnace only runs in abbreviated heating cycles, then shuts down prematurely. The furnace will run through numerous abortive heating cycles per hour, which puts tremendous stress on it and will raise your bills. It also won’t permit the furnace to run long enough to distribute heat evenly. There are many potential sources for short-cycling, and you’ll want our technicians to do the detective work to find the problem.

Blower fan problems

The furnace may be producing heat just fine—it’s the blower fan that’s struggling to push the heat through the ductwork. This may be a problem with a dying blower fan motor, in which case the motor will need to be replaced. 

Aging furnace

Uneven heating is one of the warning signs that an old furnace is coming to the end of its life. It simply cannot produce as much heat as it once did. A gas furnace can often last beyond 15 years (if it has regular maintenance), so if your furnace is more than 15 years in service, loss of even heating is telling you it’s time to install a new one.

Our technicians can give you straight answers about your furnace and the best way to get quality heating from it.

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