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What Happens to Your Water Heater Without Regular Maintenance

We all hear that maintenance is important for our water heater, but it’s also easy to turn on the faucet, feel hot water come out, and dissuade yourself from following through with that water heater maintenance appointment. After all, the water’s hot, so what’s the big deal?

It may not manifest right now, but growing problems in your water heater are absolutely happening—it’s the nature of using any home HVAC or plumbing system: wear and tear is going to happen. It’s like a slow creep that leads up to a breakdown, but the whole time, we can’t see the proverbial progress bar until disaster strikes. Here’s why maintenance is important so you can avoid more calls for water heater service in Fenton, MI.

Massive Efficiency Setbacks

Even though your water heater isn’t actively heating water 24/7, it still has to maintain the heat of the water in the tank. That means it cycles on and off repeatedly throughout the day. When it turns on, there’s a set amount of time that it should spend heating up water, but when that time takes much longer than expected, its efficiency dwindles.

When you upkeep your maintenance schedule, your water heater gets the wind back in its sails, so to speak. While wear and tear will still happen over time, a tune-up raises its efficiency as much as possible and avoids further energy setbacks.

Increased Energy Bills

Nobody wants to watch their energy costs rise, but that’s exactly what happens as your water heater has a harder time doing its job. If you’re not maintaining it on an annual basis, issues arise that make each heating cycle take progressively longer and longer.

Think about this: every second that your water heater spends getting to the target water temperature, it’s costing you some amount of money. While your tank water heater isn’t running 20–30 times a day, it’s still time (and money) that doesn’t need to be spent if you have a well-maintained water heater. The savings add up.

Faster Wear and Tear

A tank water heater can last for 10–15 years, although some may last as long as 20 years. The thing is, you won’t see that time frame if you’re not maintaining your water heater. From issues with the heating element to sediment building up in the tank, there’s a lot that can go wrong if your water heater remains unchecked.

Wear and tear happens anyway, but maintenance is cheaper than replacing your water heater prematurely. If you upkeep that annual maintenance, you’ll face fewer water heater replacements over your lifetime.

Let’s Fix Your Water Heater Today

Your water needs maintenance to avoid as many breakdowns. While it won’t prevent all possible breakdowns from happening, it will reduce the amount, and help your water heater last for as long as possible.

Contact us today to schedule your water heater repair and maintenance as soon as possible. Remember, if your home had a voice … it would call First Choice.

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