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How Wear and Tear Can Affect Your AC

thermometer-going-redIt’s August, and some of the harshest hot days are going to strike during this month and the next. Air conditioning systems have already put in a great deal of work, and with more on the way, homeowners may start to ask the question: “Is my air conditioner going to wear down so much that it breaks?” Nobody wants the answer to be “yes.”

Fortunately, in most cases a broken AC can be repaired. It just takes the right licensed professionals to do it. There are situations, such as an air conditioning system that’s more than 15 years old, where it’s more cost-effective to replace the system because the massive amounts of use have finally caught up with it.

But how does wear and tear affect an air conditioner? If you’re wondering what exactly in your home’s AC is running down through a hot summer, this is the post for you.

The decline of AC motors

A central air conditioner has a number of motors in it that supply most of the power to the components. Motors run the indoor blower fan, the outdoor fan, and the compressor. The compressor motor draws on the most electricity of any component in the AC—that’s where most of the electrical bill goes in summer. Motors wear down, as you no doubt know from experience with a vehicle. Strain on the moving parts can cause them to overheat, fusing their wiring and leading to them burning out. Regular maintenance to lubricate the motor can slow down this process, as well as regular cleaning. When motors fail, they may be replaced—although a failed compressor motor is often a sign to replace the whole AC.

The strained compressor

The mechanical action of the compressor is vital to running an AC. Unless the compressor can change the refrigerant into a hot, high-pressure gas, no heat exchange will take place and no cool air will come from the vents. As a compressor wears down, it works harder to do its job. The friction may eventually cause the compressor to become “tight” or even fail completely. Caring for the compressor is one of the most critical jobs of HVAC maintenance.

The dirty, inefficient coil

The indoor and outdoor coils of an AC are where heat is absorbed and released—and they can do neither well if they’ve accumulated dust and dirt from all the work done in the summer. Maintenance keeps these coils cleaned off for the best operation, although they may eventually suffer from corrosion, another side-effect of long-term use.

We’re the local Brighton, MI, HVAC company to trust with service for your residential air conditioning system here in the late summer. We not only offer AC repairs, we also provide excellent regular maintenance to relieve the stress and strain on the cooling system—which means fewer malfunctions in the future as well as superior energy efficient performance. Maintenance cleans the coils, lubricates the motors, checks on the compressor, and much more.

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