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Other Ways to Prepare Your AC for Summer

heating-cooling-ventIn our last post, we addressed the most important way you can get your AC ready to deal with another hot summer: scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance with our expert team. We can’t overemphasize how important this job is! Your AC has little chance of breaking down or even suffering from a minor repair needs if it has maintenance, and it will also run at higher energy efficiency. 

However, there are some steps you can take on your own to see that your AC sails through the summer keeping your home cool. Once you schedule your air conditioning tune-up in Highland, MI, there are some steps you can take do on your own that will help out, as well as jobs you’ll need to do during the rest of the summer. Let’s go over some of what you can do to give your AC the summer help it needs.

Change the air filter—and change it regularly!

This is the essential maintenance job you’ll need to do on your own. Our technicians can change the air filter for your air conditioning system during maintenance if you haven’t done it already, and they’re happy to show you how it’s done. We recommend changing the filter every one to three months during the season; frequency depends on the type of filter, and our technicians can also help you with this. A clean filter gives the AC a fresh start to circulating cool air around your home and removes strain from the blower fan. A clean filter will also help prevent coil freeze and several other AC malfunctions. 

Clear the area around the condenser

The condenser is the exterior cabinet of the air conditioning system. It contains the condenser, but it also does the job of exhausting the hot air removed from inside the house. If the cabinet is obstructed in any way, the AC will start to overheat and experience a drastic drop in energy efficiency. Before the summer starts, check around the condenser to see if there are obstructions such as leaves or branches. Trim plants around the cabinet so it has a foot clear on all sides. 

Clean the condenser

The condenser will probably have picked up plenty of dirt and grime over the winter (unless you had the unit covered, which we strongly recommend). Cleaning the condenser cabinet will help the AC work at higher efficiency. Use a hose on low pressure to clean the cabinet. Please don’t blast water directly into the cabinet, as this might bend the coils or damage other components. 

Check all room vents

For the HVAC system to operate properly, it must have all room vents open and unblocked. Closing room vents is not a way to save energy! It instead increases pressure in the ventilation system that can cause damage and will restrict the AC’s performance. Make sure no furniture or other objects have been pushed in front of the vents or put on top of them in the case of floor vents. 

With these steps and our maintenance services, you’re set for an extremely cool and chill summer.

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