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The Sounds of an AC in Good Shape

woman-listeningIn previous blogs, we’ve listed several ways you can detect if your air conditioner is in trouble and needs rapid repair service from our professionals. Odds sounds coming from the AC are one the most common warning signs of trouble. 

But this brings up a good question: what sounds should you hear coming from your air conditioner when it’s running well? You probably don’t think about it that much because an air conditioner working as it’s supposed to will often fade into the background of your mind. To help you better understand when your AC needs repairs, we’ll look at what your AC sounds like when it doesn’t need repairs.

The whir of the blower fan

The “mainstay” sound of a central air conditioning system, whether it’s in cooling mode or fan-only mode, is the noise of the blower fan running and pushing air through the ventilation system. Current AC technology has made the fan run quieter than ever, which is good news because this is the principal sound an air conditioner makes inside the house. 

The hum of the compressor

You’re probably familiar with the deep humming noise that comes from the AC’s outdoor condenser when it runs. And you’ve probably also noticed that whenever this sound starts, it means that the AC will soon start to blow out cold air. This is the sound of the compressor operating as a cooling cycle starts. The compressor is the most powerful electronic component in an AC and is responsible for the cooling cycle. If you hear this sound but the air conditioner isn’t providing cooling, call for repairs right away to see if the compressor is failing.

The drip and slosh of water

This is another sound you’ll hear coming from the indoor parts of the AC. An air conditioning system doesn’t use water to cool the air—this water is a byproduct of the evaporator coil drawing heat from the indoor air. Condensate moisture from evaporation forms inside the AC and then exits to the outside through a condensate drain. 


This one is a bit tricky because “clicking” also falls under the list of warning sounds. The clicking you expect to hear occurs as the AC shuts down after a cooling cycle. These sounds are the standard ones that come from mechanical parts as they power down. You should worry about the clicking noise if it happens as the compressor is starting (which can mean either hard starting or failing capacitors) or if the noise is louder than usual and happens often.

Metal rattling

When an air conditioner starts to run, the sudden chill of the cool air will affect the metal ductwork from the indoor HVAC cabinet where it connects to the rest of the ventilation system. Metal changes shape as it heats and cools, so you can expect to hear some rattling when cool air starts to blow through the ducts. 

If you have reason to suspect your air conditioner isn’t doing what it should, call us for air conditioning repairs in Fenton, MI.

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