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Uncommon AC Repairs You Should Be Aware of

Your air conditioner runs into problems like frozen coils, thermostat malfunctions, and dirty air filters. We expect these, but what about the odd and once-in-a-lifetime repair requests? What do those look like?

Sometimes when you get AC repair in Howell, MI, it’s for a reason you least expect. Here’s a small collection of uncommon AC repairs to help keep your mind open to all the possibilities and, hopefully, find the root of your AC problem a little bit faster.

Rodents Eating Ductwork

Your ductwork carries air from the air conditioner to the vents located around your home. When there’s a hole in your ductwork, you end up with a leak, causing conditioned air to spill into your attic and the walls.

This not only wastes money that you spent on cooling that air in the first place, but it makes your air conditioner run for longer because the house isn’t cooling down properly. The ductwork loses air pressure, resulting in poor delivery of cool air across the house.

Your AC Cabinet Sinks Into the Ground

Your air conditioner likely rests on top of a concrete pad outside of your home. These pads are designed to keep your air conditioner cabinet (the outdoor unit) as level as possible. If it’s off kilter, it can impair how your AC releases condensation.

The result? Water can pool in the bottom of your AC cabinet, causing corrosion and creating the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. This can clog the condensate drain line, prevent any water from exiting, and even cause your unit to freeze up, resulting in damage to the condenser coils.

External Water Damage

This one isn’t caused by your air conditioner, but it will cause damage to it. External water leaks can seep into your AC and cause damage. While this is highly unlikely to happen, it’s not impossible. External water damage can result in:

  • Electrical Damage: Water and electricity don’t mix. If water leaks in your home affect your thermostat, they will affect how your AC operates. Water leaks can also negatively affect your ductwork depending on the specific leak and if water can get inside the ducts.
  • Mold Growth: Mold damages everything it touches. If mold growth gets into your ductwork, those spores can spread throughout the air in your home and affect your health as well.
  • General Instability: Water damage is no joke. A seemingly small leak can quickly add up into sizable repair costs, not to mention the price of repairing the source of the leak itself.

Unlikely, But Possible Problems

These problems might not seem like anything you should worry about, but when you run into air conditioner problems, it’s worth thinking about them and assessing the situation. We’ll do everything we can to locate the source of your AC problems and find a solution that you can feel great about.

Contact us today to schedule AC repair as soon as possible. If your home had a voice … it would call First Choice!

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