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Watch for Early Summer Signs You Need to Repair the AC

desk-fanUnfortunately, the need for air conditioning repair in Howell, MI can strike at any time. It doesn’t have to wait until August when the AC has already been running steadily for a few months. Even with a regular tune-up and inspection in the summer, an air conditioner can run into a problem at the start of the summer season.

It’s not fun when it happens, but if you’re vigilant about your air conditioner you may be able to catch early signs of something wrong. You’ll be able to get our First Choice technicians on the job early and prevent a bigger repair problem in the future.

What Signs Should You Watch For?

We recommend that you pay close attention to your air conditioner during the first full day that it runs in the mid-season heat. We don’t mean you need to do a “stakeout” and monitor it to the exclusion of doing anything else. But stay alert for a few of the early signs there may be trouble:

  • Strange odors from the vents: You’ll almost certainly notice a dusty smell from the vents when the AC comes on for the first time during the year. This is normal—it’s the dust collected inside the system getting blown out. However, if the odors persist or you notice an acrid electrical smell, shut off the AC and call for repairs.
  • The cooling cycle is too short: When you first turned on the air conditioner, was it a hot enough day that you expected the compressor to run for at least 15 minutes? That’s a normal cooling cycle, and if the compressor shuts off earlier than this, something may be wrong with the compressor. It may also be a sensor issue with the thermostat. Check first to see that the thermostat is set accurately; it may still have winter settings on it.
  • Airflow feels lower than it should be: This is similar to noticing that the water pressure from the faucets is too low. The air from the vents should be strong enough to cool down rooms to a comfortable temperature in about five to ten minutes. If the airflow isn’t strong enough, the problem may be with the fan, a clogged filter (always check for this), or leaks in the air ducts.
  • Unusual noises: What counts as an “unusual” noise when it comes to your air conditioning? Anything that doesn’t fall under the category of the regular whir of fan and compressor motors, air moving through the ducts, and the occasional drip of water. Mechanical grinding sounds, clicking, shrieking, clanging, etc.—all of these are signs of something that’s going wrong.

If your AC has already been running adequately for a stretch, there are some other warnings signs to start looking out for:

  • Higher bills for the first month than you usually expect
  • Occasionally tripped circuit breakers
  • Uneven cooling around the house

Even if these problems don’t seem to be crippling the AC, it’s still a wise idea to move fast to have a technician look at them and see if anything is wrong that needs to be fixed before it worsens.

If your home had a voice, it would call … First Choice! Rely on First Choice Heating & Cooling whenever you need your AC rescued from the summer heat.

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