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Benefits of Installing a New AC for the Summer

woman-relaxing-with-coffeeThere is plenty that a professional Brighton, MI, HVAC contractor can do for your house to make it more comfortable for summer. Our technicians can offer all that you need to ensure a cool home with the best indoor air quality. One of the most important services we offer—one that every homeowner will need eventually—is replacing old, outdated, energy-draining air conditioning systems for new ones.

This may be the summer you need a new AC for your home. We’ve written before about recognizing when you have an over-the-hill AC. Today we’re going to look at the positive side of needing to replace an air conditioner—all the benefits of a new air conditioner. Let’s look at what you can expect when you have our technicians outfit your personal palace with the best in an electric oasis system!

A new warranty

This is something people often don’t realize is a vital part of AC replacement. For example, if your current AC has a failed compressor due to age, you could replace just the compressor. It’s expensive, but it costs less than replacing the entire outdoor condenser and indoor evaporator (i.e. replacing the entire AC.) However, this doesn’t provide a new warranty, and the warranty is probably either expired already or close to expiring. Having a new warranty to start out is a huge advantage, since it protects you from having to pay for problems due to manufacturer’s faults.

Better energy efficiency

You can choose to have a special high-efficiency air conditioning system installed that will save you hundreds of dollars, maybe even thousands, over the life of the system. But even if you stay with a mid-efficiency system, it will still have higher efficiency than your old system—even when the old system was new! You’re starting over, but better than before.

R-410 refrigerant rather than R-22

Your old air conditioner may use R-22 refrigerant. You can check on the plate on the back of the condenser to see if it does. Replacing an R-22 air conditioner is one of the best steps you can take for your home cooling because this refrigerant blend has now been fully phased out. You can no longer have lost R-22 refrigerant restored. Getting a new AC means one with R-410A, the current refrigerant blend, and you won’t have to worry about whether a technician can repair it or not.

Quieter operation

New air conditioners are built to run at lower decibel levels than before. If your current AC is already making too much noise, the change with a new system can be significant.

Peace of mind in a tranquil home

Having a new air conditioner working to make your home relaxing and cool means you won’t have to fret thinking about it breaking down. If you were concerned about your old AC wheezing through the summer months, putting in a brand-new air conditioner fixes that. You deserve a cool and worry-free summer, and a new air conditioner can help you achieve it.

If your home had a voice, it would call First Choice! First Choice Heating & Cooling is here to make your home happy!

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