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Why Your AC Just Isn’t Getting the Job Done

woman-before-fanWhen the heat and humidity of late summer start their relentless assault on your home and your family’s comfort, you’ll be glad you have a powerful central air conditioning system to man the battlements and keep the invading heat hordes from storming the walls.

Or … not that. As the case may be. You may have an air conditioning system that isn’t getting its job done. It runs, you feel cool air coming from the vents, but the house is still too hot and humid and nobody is happy.

Why is your air conditioning system no longer a partner in keeping the household comfortable? We’ll take a look at some reasons for a faltering air conditioning in Howell, MI and what can be done about it.

You Haven’t Kept Up With Regular Maintenance

We emphasize scheduling annual spring maintenance for air conditioning systems for good reasons. Maintenance helps an AC remain efficient and prevents abrupt breakdowns. It also stops the air conditioning system from going into a rapid decline that leads to it needing to be replaced early. If you’ve allowed maintenance to slip past you a few years in a row, it’s probably why the air conditioner is falling behind. It might not be too late to schedule service, however. Sign up for our maintenance program and we’ll help get your AC back on track.

You’ve Left the Same Filter in Place for Months (Or Longer!)

A dirty air filter that’s left in place on the HVAC cabinet is one of the most common ways to make an air conditioner ineffective. When the filter is so clogged that the blower in the HVAC cabinet strains to draw air through the system, the AC’s cooling capacity will plummet because the entire HVAC system will slow down. Dirty air filters cause many other troubles, so please have a clean filter put in place and change it regularly; we recommend at least every three months, and in some cases monthly.

You Haven’t Scheduled Repairs for a Malfunction

Has there been something wrong with the air conditioner for the last few weeks or months that you’ve never gotten around to addressing? This could be something like odd noises from the cabinets, ice appearing on the evaporator coil, acrid odors from the vents, short-cycling, or abnormally high electrical bills. If you’ve procrastinated with calling for repairs, the problem may have gotten bad enough that it’s affecting cooling capacity. Please don’t hesitate to call for repairs now—before the problem gets worse and more costly to repair.

The Air Conditioner Is Old Enough That It Needs to Be Replaced

An AC that’s more than 15 years old is ready to retire. This is the point where many air conditioning systems will begin losing their cooling capacity and cost more to run than is worth it. Repairs are usually throwing away money at this point. If you suspect age is the reason for poor AC performance, schedule an appointment with our technicians; we’ll determine if your house is ready for a new air conditioner.

If your home had a voice … it would call First Choice! First Choice Heating & Cooling can help solve your air conditioning troubles—just call us.

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