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The Basics to Know About Your First Heat Pump

Heat pump unit outside of a home.

If you’re considering getting a heat pump instead of going for a standard heater, there’s a few things you should know. Let’s talk about some benefits and disadvantages about your heat pump, as well as how they work differently in summer vs. winter. It’s important to know everything you can expect after your first heat pump installation.

How Heat Pumps Work in Summer

During the summer months, warm air from inside your home moves into your heat pump unit. That heat transfers into the cold liquid refrigerant, the refrigerant turns into a low-temperature gas, and then the cold air moves through your ducts into your home.

How Heat Pumps Work in Winter

In the winter, cold air from inside your home passes into your heat pump. From there, warm air meshes with the cold air, and the refrigerant in your unit condenses into a liquid before warm air circulates through your home.

However, it’s important to know that not all heat pumps work the same. Ductless units will blow warm air directly into the room instead of passing through ductwork, but the process is fairly similar.

You Can Expect Less Maintenance

While you should have annual maintenance for your entire HVAC system, there’s typically not much that needs to be tuned up in a heat pump. You can expect less costly maintenance over time compared to other methods of heating your home.

Improved Health for Your Family

Using an electric heat pump eliminates the risk of carbon monoxide since you no longer have a combustion-based heating source. Because heat pumps are stored outside and normally run ducts through the home, you also reduce the risk of burning your hands or small children getting hurt near an indoor furnace.

You Spend Less Energy

Heat pumps are more efficient than combustion-based heating systems. Within your first year of using a heat pump, you’ll be able to see better energy costs on your utility bill. Costs will vary from person to person, but suffice to say you stand to save money year after year with your new heat pump.

They’re Extremely Quiet to Operate

You’ll barely know when your heat pump kicks on. When you heat your home with a standard indoor furnace, it can be loud or distracting. Heat pumps are outdoor units, so none of the noise enters your home. If you have a close property line with your neighbor, they’ll appreciate the lack of noise.

Only One Unit to Maintain

Normally you have to schedule separate maintenance for your furnace and your air conditioner. Because heat pumps can also produce cold air and everything is housed in the same unit, maintenance takes care of everything at once. No more separate scheduling. This also means less working parts than you would find on two separate units, reducing repair costs in the long run as well.

Heating Your House Differently

Heat pumps offer lower energy costs, require less maintenance, and offer better safety for your family. Heat pumps are worth the investment with immediate short-term payoffs and long-term savings for most homeowners.

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