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Does a Boiler Need to Have Regular Fall Inspections and Tune-Ups?

boiler-pressure-sensorThe furnace is the most common type of central heating system, but in our area there are many homes that rely on boilers. Boilers are often found in homes that don’t have a network of ventilation ducts, since a boiler works by circulating hot water through pipes to terminal points (radiators, baseboard heaters) where the heat then radiates into the rooms.

Most people who have boilers enjoy the comfort and energy savings they bring. They also like how rarely the boilers need repairs. Because boilers contain fewer moving parts than furnaces or heat pumps, they wear down slower and will not only require fewer fixes over their lifetime, they’ll have longer lifetimes as well.

However, don’t let this slower aging and lower amount of repairs trick you into thinking your boiler can miss routine fall maintenance now and then. Any heating system must have annual inspections and tune-ups, boilers included.

Why a Boiler Needs Maintenance Each Year

First of all, what powers your boiler? It’s probably natural gas. Although there are electric boilers, they are more expensive to operate and less popular for home comfort. Any natural gas-powered appliance must receive regular inspections to ensure it operates safely. Allowing a gas boiler to go without professional checks can lead to it becoming hazardous from gas leaks or a cracked heat exchanger. Don’t take these chances! When your boiler is maintained each fall, it has the best chance of running without ever creating any health concerns in your home.

Boilers suffer from a different type of wear than furnaces, which is wear from exposure to water. Although boilers are constructed to resist corrosion for as long as possible, neglect can allow rust to start in early. When a boiler begins to rust, its tank usually must be replaced—an expensive job. If the rust is only on the heat exchanger, professionals can replace this part rather than the whole tank—but they need to have the opportunity to find it in the first place. Maintenance helps prevent corrosion and keeps boilers running for many years, sometimes more than 20.

Leaking is a potential trouble a boiler can face, and technicians will always check for leaks along the tank and the pipes when they do maintenance.

A boiler may need to be flushed out on occasion because of sediment development along the bottom of the tank. This won’t need to be done every year, but maintenance expert will find out when it’s necessary.

Boilers do have a few moving parts, such as the circulator pump, and without routine checks and adjustments, they can wear out quickly and leave you without circulating water.

Call Us for Heating Maintenance This Fall

When you schedule maintenance with our team, your home’s boiler will receive a thorough check-up and tune-up. If our technicians spot anything wrong, you can easily arrange for boiler repair in Davison, MI to have the problem fixed before winter arrives. You’ll be glad you had these troubles taken care of early!

Arrange for heating maintenance this fall with First Choice Heating & Cooling. If your home had a voice, it would call First Choice!

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