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Planning Your Future With (Or Without) Your Current Furnace

gas-furnaceAs we switch into spring and focus on air conditioning systems, it’s easy to forget about the furnaces that just put in a hard winter keeping our homes warm. Now, your furnace doesn’t have feelings, but we recommend you give some thought to its future at this time—such as whether it has a future in your house. 

Spring is a good time to take advantage of warmer weather and the less crowded schedules of HVAC technicians to make major changes to how you heat your home. Maybe you can get that important furnace repair in Howell, MI done that you’ve been putting off. Or maybe it’s time to finally get a new furnace, or even another type of heating system.

Repair the furnace? Now?

Yes, especially if you know the furnace needs a repair but you’ve been putting it off because of the coming warm weather. We can’t stress enough how important timely furnace repairs are, and this is especially true for natural gas furnaces, which can develop safety hazards if they aren’t cared for properly. If you have any reason to believe your furnace was running poorly at the end of winter or it was behaving oddly, don’t wait until fall maintenance to have it addressed: act now.

Is the furnace getting too old?

Furnace age can be tricky to use as a guideline for when it’s time to replace one. The standard mid-efficiency gas furnace can last from 15 to 20 years, while high-efficiency condensing furnaces tend to age faster, and are more likely to need a replacement around 15 years. Electric furnaces can go more than 20 years most of the time. However, lack of maintenance can easily reduce the life expectancy of any furnace. If you have a furnace that’s around 15 years old, we recommend having our technicians take a look at it to see if it’s replacement-ready.

The future with … a heat pump?

Here’s something to consider if you believe you may replace your furnace this spring: what about replacing the AC at the same time and putting in a heat pump? Heat pumps are electric heating and cooling systems that can save money compared to an electric furnace. We recommend giving this option serious consideration if your current furnace is an electric one and your AC is also getting up in age. Heat pumps aren’t ideal for all homes, but our technicians can help you find out if your home is suited for one. 

What if everything seems just fine with my furnace?

You may be in a situation where the furnace still has many years left in it and doesn’t have an immediate repair need. If so, we recommend you take a few steps to properly shut down the furnace as the warm weather settles in. Make sure to change the filter for a new one (the AC will use that same filter), check that all vents are unblocked, shut off the gas to the unit, and turn off the furnace at the furnace switch. Write down a reminder to schedule maintenance for it in fall, and you should be in great shape. 

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