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Winding Down the Furnace for the Season

The cold weather may still linger, but it won’t linger for much longer as we get deeper into spring. You’ll soon turn on the AC and stop using the furnace for many months. This is the time to schedule regular air conditioning maintenance with our technicians to ensure your AC is in peak shape for the summer heat.

But you do have to think about your furnace at this time as well. You may need furnace service in Brighton, MI before it’s time to shut it off, as well as take a few other steps.

If the furnace has a repair need, don’t wait for the fall

This is important. We understand how easy it is to ignore what seems like a small problem with your furnace if the warm weather is coming up. You may imagine you’ll get to it in the fall right before you need the furnace. This is a mistake, however. 

For one, a malfunctioning furnace, no matter how “slight” the issue seems to be, may become harmful if it’s not attended to by a professional. Delaying repairs also increases the chance the repair may become larger or create several other malfunctions, leading to a bigger repair (and bill) in the future. Finally, allowing this kind of extra stress on the furnace can contribute to shortening its service life. We’re here to help you fix your furnace in a timely manner. 

A furnace replacement can be done in the spring

If you think you need a new furnace, spring is a good time to have it done — it doesn’t have to wait until fall. You’ll have plenty of time to consider the options and talk to our professionals about what type of furnace you’ll want put in its place. 

Change the HVAC filter

This is a step many people forget, but it’s essential. The HVAC system has a filter in place to prevent debris from getting into the cabinet, and it will become clogged after one to three months. If you haven’t changed the filter all winter, you definitely need to change it now. If your AC is in the same cabinet with the furnace, it uses the same filter, and it will get off to a bad start with a congested filter. 

“Should I shut the furnace all the way off for summer?”

If you have a gas furnace, yes, we recommend this, especially if it uses a standing pilot light. A pilot light will continue to consume natural gas through the season, which is wasteful. Shutting off the furnace also prevents it from turning on accidentally should there be a brief dip in temperature, and this can be another useless expenditure. You can turn your furnace off at the furnace switch, which is a dedicated breaker located near the furnace cabinet. (Note: don’t do this if your furnace and AC share the same blower, as this will shut off power to the AC as well.) Turn off the valve on the gas main. 

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