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The Top 6 Furnace Repair Troubles

home-basement-furnaceWhy are furnaces so common as heaters in homes? Even with other options, like boilers, heat pumps, and electric baseboard heaters, furnaces are still the type of comfort system people think of first when they want winter heat. There are several reasons for the widespread use of furnaces: they’re powerful, dependable, and for a house that already has ducts, a flexible fit.

Furnaces have a few drawbacks, such as the occasional malfunction. We’ve handled heating repair in Brighton, MI for almost twenty years, so we know all about fixing furnaces that are struggling. Below are six ones we often see. When you run into one of these malfunctions that are threatening your winter comfort, call First Choice and we’ll restore your warm house.

ONE: Electric Ignition Problems

You may have run across this problem before, since it’s one of the basic troubles a gas furnace may have: the burners aren’t lighting. Modern furnaces don’t use standing pilot lights, but electric ignition systems, which are more reliable and help lower natural gas use. Electric igniters usually won’t last for the entire life of the furnace. If your furnace’s burners won’t light, call our technicians and they’ll put in a new one—a basic and fast repair.

TWO: Motor Wearing Down

The motor running the blower fan in the furnace does a tremendous amount of mechanical work. The ball bearings may start to wear down, which will create a screeching or scraping noise—you’ll know it when you hear it because it does not sound good. Please shut off your furnace when you hear this and call for repairs. Technicians can replace the ball bearings, which will stop the motor from burning out.

THREE: Thermostat Malfunctions

In so many cases, the reason a furnace isn’t running as it should is because the thermostat is misreading temperatures or has lost one of its connections. If your furnace isn’t keeping you warm the way it should, please don’t push the thermostat up higher, since it may be the problem. Technicians can recalibrate, fix, or replace the thermostat.

FOUR: The Limit Switch

This is the switch the shuts the furnace off to prevent overheating. When your furnace won’t stop running and its overheating the house, the limit switch is a frequent culprit.

FIVE: Short-Cycling

When a furnace cycles too often, rather than going through 15 minutes or more of operating and then shutting down for about the same period, it can indicate different faults. The source may be minor (a clogged filter) or major (the furnace was incorrectly installed in the first place). Experts can diagnose the problem and find the best solution.

SIX: Cracked Heat Exchanger

This is a potentially dangerous issue that may occur in an older furnace that hasn’t received maintenance. Repairing it often requires putting in a new heat exchanger, and usually it’s more cost-effective with an older furnace to replace the whole heating system.

Always let professionals handle furnace repairs, since amateur work puts you at risk of a dangerous malfunction. Our technicians will see your household stays safe.

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