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A Few of the More Common Boiler Repair Needs

water-heater-tankOne of big advantages of having a boiler to heat your home is that boilers in general need fewer repairs than furnaces or heat pumps, the other common central heating systems. Why is thos? It’s because boilers have fewer mechanical moving parts. The lower number of mechanical parts, the less wear due to operation over the years. You can anticipate only having to make an occasional call for boiler repair in Brighton, MI, and you can expect to get 20 to 30 years of service from a well-installed boiler, which can be twice as long as the lifespans of heat pumps and furnaces.

Zero repairs, however? Probably won’t happen. Boilers still have mechanical parts, and they’re complex devices that can malfunction in different ways. A system that heats and circulates water comes with its own set of potential problems.

Let’s look at a few repairs your boiler might need:

Stopping leaks

A boiler should not leak. The system is designed to be airtight so oxygen cannot get in and create oxidization, which leads to corrosion. When you notice any water leaking from the boiler, any part of it, call for repairs right away. The leaks need to be closed, the source of the leak located, and the lost water replaced.

Lowering water pressure

When a boiler begins to make rumbling noises, it’s likely that it’s overheating. This will cause extensive damage to the system unless it’s stopped. Technicians can discover the cause of the rise in heat and pressure and fix it.

Replacing corroded parts

If rust or other types of corrosion get into the boiler tank, it almost always means the boiler must be junked and a new one installed. However, if the corrosion is limited to parts that can be replaced, such as the heat exchanger, sometimes a repair professional can rescue the boiler.

Broken circulator pump

Your house has gone cold. The baseboard heaters and radiators no longer send out heat. But the boiler’s gas jets still come on. The problem may be with one of the few mechanical parts of the boiler: the circulator pump. This pump is responsible for sending the heated water from the tank around the house to the rooms and terminal points. If the pump breaks, no heat. Fortunately, repairing or replacing the circulator pump is a straightforward job for professionals.

Tank flushing

Sediment and limescale from the water may begin to settle along the bottom of the boiler tank. This restricts the boiler’s ability to heat up water and cuts into efficiency. Technicians can flush out the boiler system and put in new water to fix this.

Replace a burnt-out heating element

This only applies to electric boilers. Two heating elements warm the water inside the tank. If one of them fails, the water temperature will drop at the taps. An HVAC technician can handle the job of replacing the burnt-out heating element and getting the boiler back in shape.

You can count on our trained boiler experts to find out what’s wrong with your boiler and fix it fast.

First Choice Heating & Cooling offers boiler repair service in Fenton, Linden, Holly, and the Surrounding Areas. If your home had a voice … it would call First Choice!

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