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Touring Your HVAC System: The Most Important Parts

inside-air-ductWe would like to introduce you to your HVAC system. Okay, you’ve already met it. You may have lived for more than a decade with it. But we’re willing to wager you’ve never gotten time to sit down and understand all its parts, what they do, and how they fit together.

It’s not essential for you to grasp the technical details of your residential HVAC system. You have professionals like us to shoulder that responsibility and help you whenever you need HVAC service in Brighton, MI. But we believe a bit of knowledge is one of the best tools you have to ensure you receive the finest service from your home heating, cooling, and ventilation system. It helps you to know when something is broken and how serious the problem is.

With this in mind, we’re going to give you a tour of the most vital parts of the HVAC system—some which you might not have realized are part of the HVAC system.

The main heater and AC (main unit)

When people think of HVAC, this is usually the section they think of first—the components that provide the heating and cooling for the house. The main unit of an HVAC system is in a cabinet found indoors, often in the basement, a closet, or garage. A standard unit contains a furnace (electric or gas), air conditioner, and air handler. The air handler is responsible for drawing air into the unit and then sending it through the heater and AC and on into the supply ducts. For homes with a heat pump, there is only a single heating and cooling unit, rather than a separate furnace and AC.

The ductwork

Unless your home uses a ductless mini split, the HVAC system has a network of ducts branching through the walls and ceilings of the house to reach the rooms. The ducts both distribute air (supply ducts) or draw air back into the main unit (return ducts). Residential ducts are usually made of flexible plastic tubes or ductboard. Because most of the ductwork is hidden from sight, it can sustain damage without a homeowner at first knowing about it.

The thermostats

Often distant from the main unit of the HVAC system, the thermostat is the control panel for the whole deal. In a home with zone control, multiple thermostat handle climate control for the various zones. Thermostat technology is advancing rapidly, and the newest models use “smart” tech to manage home comfort almost entirely on their own.

Air filter

This filter is located where the return air ducts connect to the main unit. The filter’s job isn’t to improve air quality but to prevent debris from inside the home infiltrating into the heater and AC and causing damage. The filter must be changed on a regular basis (1 to 6 months depending on its strength) to ensure the HVAC system operates at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

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