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Duct Cleaning Can Improve Your HVAC System

duct-cleaning-before-afterIf you had to take a second look at the headline to this blog because you’ve never thought about having your home’s ducts cleaned, you’re not alone. The reason for this is that it’s hard to remember to keep something clean when you can’t see it! Ducts are hidden inside the walls, ceilings, and attic of a house, and it’s easy for people to forget they’re there and doing an important job circulating hot and cool air.

Dust and lint build-up inside ductwork happens over time—there’s no way to avoid it. Scheduling regular cleaning every 3 to 5 years will prevent the ventilations system from becoming too dirty.

But … why do this at all? Do clean ducts really matter if you don’t have to look at them?

Yes! Clean Ducts Make a Big Difference for Your HVAC System

You don’t want to have your ducts clean because they’ll look nicer. That’s a bit extreme when it comes to home cleaning. No, the reason to have the ducts given a thorough professional cleaning every few years is to improve the entire HVAC system. That includes your heating system and the air conditioner.

How are clean ducts beneficial for an HVAC system? There are two major benefits:

  • Higher energy efficiency: Any layer of dust inside ductwork means friction against airflow. When the build-up becomes significant, it places so much resistance against the airflow from the HVAC’s blower fan that it forces the blower to work harder and drain a greater amount of power. So whether you’re using the AC to cool down in summer or the heater to warm up in winter, you’ll have to pay much more to do it because of clogged ducts. After duct cleaning, you’ll find your HVAC system will be back to its most energy-efficient levels.
  • Fewer repair needs, longer system life: A large amount of lint and other debris inside the ducts risks getting inside the HVAC cabinet, where it interferes with the motors and other moving parts. It can cover the coil of the air conditioner and lead to it freezing. The damage can lead to repair needs and even a shorter system life for a heater or AC.

These benefits are in addition to the improvements in your house: less dust circulated around and improved indoor air quality.

Leave This Job to the Pros

Duct cleaning requires expensive equipment and people trained to use it. You can’t clean ducts with a long-hosed vacuum! And you should be wary of any amateurs who promise duct cleaning at a suspiciously low price. When it’s time to have your ventilation system given a good cleaning (and it probably is if you’re reading this), look only to licensed and trained HVAC professionals for the work.

Are you thinking about scheduling duct cleaning in Fenton, MI after reading this? Great! The next step is easy—you only have to get it touch with our team. We offer duct cleaning and other HVAC services, including full duct repair and replacement, throughout Fenton, Linden, Holly, and the surrounding areas.

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