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Consider a Tankless Water Heater for Your Next Installation

tankless-water-heaterYou may think that the furnace in your home is the heating system that does the most work during the year. But the majority of your annual heating budget goes to the water heater. After all, it works every day of the year, no matter the temperature outdoor. It puts in more work during winter (because the water entering the tank is cooler), so if you’re planning to install a new water heater, the beginning of spring is an excellent time to have it done.

But you don’t have to put in the same type of tank water heater you’ve have for years. Storage tank water heaters are the most common across the country and are what most people think of when they think of water heaters. But there are other options, such as the tankless water heater.

How a Tankless Water Heater Works

Tankless water heaters are sometimes called “on-demand” systems because they heat water as it is needed. This is different than a storage tank water heater, which keeps the water inside the tank at a steady temperature so it’s ready for use. In a tankless system, the water passes through a heat exchanger. When the water starts to flow—meaning a tap has come on somewhere requesting hot water—the gas burners in the water heater turn on and transfer heat to the water as it moves through it. When the demand for hot water stops, the heating also stops.

How a Tankless Water Heater Can Benefit You

From the above description, you’re probably already imagining the advantages of changing from a tank to a tankless water heater. Here are the major advantages, some obvious and some not-so-obvious:

  • Energy saving: A tankless water heater uses less energy than standard water heaters because it only needs to run when there’s a demand. A storage tank water heater continually loses heat from the tank (standby heat loss), forcing it to use energy to re-heat the water—regardless of whether there’s a need for hot water. A tankless water heater will pay for its own installation in a few years thanks to its high energy efficiency.
  • Long life: Another benefit of the tankless system running less often is that it will enjoy a longer service life. There’s simply less strain put on it.
  • Limitless hot water: There’s no supply of hot water that can be depleted with a tankless system, and this means you won’t run out of hot water. The system keeps heating up more for immediate use. (However, if multiple taps are on at the same time, a tankless system can be overwhelmed. This can be prevented with proper system sizing from professionals.)
  • Small size: With no need for a tank, a tankless water heater only takes up a small amount of space in a home. Most can be mounted on a wall in a garage or basement.

If you’re looking for service for a water heater in Howell, MI, whether a tank or tankless model, call our office. We offer free installation estimates, so ask us about making the change to tankless for your next water heater.

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