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What Is Air Sealing and How Does It Benefit Me?

Monday, September 18th, 2017

front-of-house-fallHow efficient is your house? You might wonder what we mean by that. Are we talking about the electricity, the furnace, the insulation, the air conditioning system … what?

The answer is, Yes! We’re talking about all of that and more. Home energy efficiency is about thinking of the house as a whole system, one that conserves as much energy as possible. A key part of keeping a home energy efficient around the year is to maintain the heat envelope surrounding it. This means that during winter heat doesn’t escape, forcing the furnace or other heating system to work harder to replace it, and during summer heat doesn’t enter, putting extra pressure on the air conditioner.

You may not know if your house has a good envelope or not. But if you have trouble with winter drafts and stifling summer heat, it may be a good idea to contact us for air sealing in Fenton, MI to see that your house has a proper seal against temperature extremes. We especially recommend this for older homes, which were often constructed with inferior insulation and which may have developed air leaks over the years.

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