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Time to Replace Your HVAC System? Here’s What to Look For

Monday, August 21st, 2017

technician-checking-on-ac-pressureThe best time of the year to make a major change to the HVAC systems responsible for your year-round comfort in your house is during the spring and the fall—i.e. the times of the year when you need to rely on the AC or heater the least.

It’s already the second half of August, and even though the weather is still hot, the fall cooling is not far off. If this is the year to have your HVAC system updated with a new system installation in Fenton, MI, right now is a good time to start thinking about it. The earlier you plan for the job, the easier it will be to schedule it—and you’ll have your new system ready to go in time for any changes in the weather.

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Why Is There Ice on the AC Coil? Is Something Wrong?

Monday, August 7th, 2017

ice-patternWe’ll cut to the quick: Yes, something is wrong with your central air conditioning system if you notice ice forming on its coil. If this was your first instinct, then you’re thinking along the right lines. People often dismiss the appearance of ice on an air conditioner as a sign that the system is perhaps working a bit too well. The air coming out of the AC is cool, so why wouldn’t ice be part of the process?

But as you may already know, an air conditioner doesn’t use ice to cool down the air it sends into a home. What it actually does is remove heat from inside the house and release it outside, a process called heat exchange. If the air conditioner is working correctly, no ice should develop during this absorption and release of heat.

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Disabled Hartland couple gets new furnace when they call Channel 7 desperate for help

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

HARTLAND, Mich. (WXYZ-TV) – A Hartland couple called 7 Action News when they couldn’t get help from anyone else. We answered their call, and got them a brand new furnace.

Debby and Dan Taylor rely on their wheelchairs to get around. Both are diabetics and have each had a leg amputated. The cold weather has been hard on them, especially Dan, who recently suffered a stroke.

One week into Dan’s recovery, they found their home particularly cold. Their furnace had stopped working.

“We called all over,” Debby told Action News. “We called everybody, and nobody would help.”

The couple used their gas stove and space heaters to heat their home temporarily. A new furnace would’ve cost the family thousands of dollars they didn’t have.

Debby had her doubts, but she followed her husband’s advice and called 7 Action News. “I’ve seen many a times when the stations help people out,” said Dan. “I thought, ‘Well, why can’t they help us out?”

We reached out to the Southeast Michigan chapter of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. Before long, we found the Taylors a furnace.

First Choice Heating & Cooling, a Fenton-based company, volunteered to install a furnace that was donated by a distributor to the Taylor family.

“I felt helpless until Channel 7 stepped in and helped us,” Debby said as she watched the new furnace get installed.

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