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Your Furnace Is Older Than 15: A Few Things to Know


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Keeping track of your furnace’s age is a good idea. This is because knowing how many years you’ve had your system provides guidance on if and when you need to consider repair or replacement.

If you are the owner of a furnace in Brighton, MI and you have had your forced-air heating system for over 15 years, it may be time to call a professional. The experienced technicians at First Choice Heating & Cooling will be able to help you make informed decisions regarding your unit.

There are some things you need to know about your heater when it reaches this age. If you are interested in the indicators that may show your furnace need replacing, read on.

What’s the Big Deal About My Furnace’s Age?

The average furnace is built to last around 15 years in total before being replaced. This is because over time, much like any electrical or mechanical system, your furnace will become less efficient and may break down. As your furnace reaches this 15-year mark, it may be good to know what signs indicate it is time to call a professional.

Signs Your System Needs Repairs or Replacement

There are a few major signs to watch for that will tell you that your furnace is on its way out, including:

  • The Furnace Is Making Odd Noises: Rattling, popping, screeching, bumping, humming are all noises to be wary of when they are coming from your furnace. None of them are signs of a good thing. Humming or vibrations, for example, could mean your furnace has a loose footing or its blower motor is starting to fail.
  • Uneven Temperatures Around the House: No that cold spot isn’t a ghost. It is a warning sign though. Specifically, cold spots around you home mean your furnace isn’t operating correctly. The older your forced-air heating system gets, the less efficiently it is able to provide warmth for your home, to the point that it may even emit cold instead of hot air.
  • You Notice Soot Near the Registers: If you start seeing soot, dust, or rust around your furnace registers (ventilation duct covers that can be opened and closed), it is a sign that your system has too much CO2. This will make house-cleaning much harder and may also irritate the skin, eyes, and lungs of residents. It can even create respiratory problems for some people.

What Do I Do When My Furnace Is Failing?

If your furnace heater has been in use for 15 years or more, it is time to check for the signs listed above. If you have already begun to notice some or all of those indicators, you should contact a professional ASAP. This isn’t the time to see how much longer it will hold out, especially as it can pose a risk to the health of you and your loved ones.

Contact the professional technicians of First Choice Heating & Cooling today to schedule service for your furnace. If your home has a voice… it would call First Choice!

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